Label Printing – Calypso Apple Juice

Calypso apple juice labels from the expert label printers

Etiquette are the choice label suppliers for many of the UK and Europe’s biggest producers including Soft Drinks giants Calypso. Producing over 500 million products a year throughout their prestigious portfolio Calypso rely on Etiquette to provide the quality label printing needed to further boost their on-shelf appeal. This printed label for cartons of juice is the first of 6 Calypso print jobs we have on the presses today. Printed using the latest UV inks, these self adhesive labels also feature a special adhesive to  the rear, ensuring reliable and accurate scanning of the barcode.

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Printed Labels for Credit Cards from Etiquette Labels Ltd

Intercard Printed Labels

An attractive two-colour label printing job just off the presses for a plastic card bureau provider this morning. Utilizing vibrant UV inks on synthetic film, these self adhesive labels from Etiquette will be used on promotional registration/membership cards for “The Invitation Book”. As we are all aware in this day and age our new Credit cards, Debit cards, Loyalty cards etc all come with extra security features that require activation and registration – and this is something that more often than not we all need reminding of. With this in mind the customer tasked Etiquette with creating printed labels with a high-quality and reliable adhesive that would enable their customers to easily remove labels from their cards after activation.

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Label Printing – Kenya Tea

Kenya Tea Printed Labels

These great looking printed labels for a Kenyan Tea Company are coming off the presses this afternoon. Etiquette are printing these labels in two sizes using the latest UV inks. Printed onto material finished with a special varnish these self adhesive labels are just another example of the high-quality label printing provided by the expert printers at Etiquette.

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Label Printing – The Platter Company

The Platter Company Tamper Evident Label

Another Tamper Evident Printed label coming off the presses at Etiquette Labels Ltd today, this time for premier online caterers “The Platter Company“. The attention grabbing green and modern logo on these self adhesive labels was printed in the latest UV inks on material finished with a special varnish. These labels will surely add the finishing touches to The Platter Company’s outstanding range of products.

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Colmans Tamper Evident Printed Labels

Colmans Tamper Evident

Another of our iconic labels is being printed today – Colmans Mustard. One of a prestigious line of labels Etiquette print for Unilever, this Tamper Evident label is used to seal the jars of that revered English brand, keeping it fresh in millions of homes around the globe. The distinctive appearance of this printed label is achieved using the latest in UV ink technology. A special Varnish is then applied to add a characteristic finish and texture required by the customer.

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Marmite XO

Marmite XO Printed Labels

Our famous Marmite XO Labels have been back on the printing presses today. Printed using a five colour process and foil blocking on a 90gsm matt finished paper, Etiquette produce the XO label by utilising special dense black and cream tones to give a 3D effect to the Marmite Logo for maximum on-shelf impact. The back label continues the theme with very fine reverse text printed in matt gold.

With a standard 250g Marmite Jar with a black lid being used as the base of the pack, Unilever also task Etiquette with providing the tamper evident  watchstrap seal that adds the final detail to the package. Using a selected cutter for the shape of the watchstrap Etiquette print the subtle “marmite crest” design in matt gold creating the stylish finishing touch that Marmite XO deserves.

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