New Printed Labels for Macduff Shellfish

I don’t know what is fresher – the Hebridean Langoustine, wild caught for Macduff Shellfish, or the labels the have just produced for them!

Closely related to the lobster the langoustine is also known as Scampi, Dublin Bay prawn and even Norway lobster. Its white flesh is succulent and delicious, and while it’s prized everywhere it’s a particular favourite in Mediterranean countries.

The langoustine catch is one of the most important for the Scottish fishing industry. Langoustine is wild-caught from the cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic, coming from a well-managed and healthy fishery. 

Due to great organization, they can process the catch literally minutes from landing for maximum quality and freshness. Everything gets labelled and either chilled or frozen.

And that’s where our fantastic labels come in! Manufactured with a special adhesive, the labels can withstand low and freezing temperatures, without compromising the tackiness.

We can supply many different kinds of labelling materials, adhesives and special shapes, including perforations, split backing or laminations.

Our labels are manufactured with extreme care and meticulously inspected, to comply with the highest quality and hygiene standards, which makes Etiquette Labels an ideal choice for any food product labelling.

We specialise in manufacturing plain and printed labels, but we can also deliver one-of-a-kind complete labelling solution, looking after all of your labelling needs – from design the label to the application process.

To find out more about our complete labelling solutions visit our websiteyoutube channel, give us a call on 01978 664544 or you can email us at

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