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New printed labels for Hot Sauce and Whisky & Bacon Sauce from Happy Hedgehog Foods

Happy Hedgehog does it again! A pair of outragously delicious new sauces. Sweet Hot Sauce is one of all time favourites and Whiskey and Bacon will definitely become one shortly! The digitally printed labels hopefully depict the flavour madness within – with their vibrant colours and bold graphics, and an ounce of good humor.

Great apetite for success

Happy Hedgehog have once again received recognition at the Great Taste Awards 2022 and received one star for Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar and Raspberry Apple Cider Vinegar. (They have won 3 stars for their Strawberry Balsamic in 2021) We are certain there are many more awards heading their way in the future.

Sweet Hot Sauce

The Sweet Hot Sauce is not a new product – it has been a favourite for many for a while now. Maintaining a lovely balance between sweetness and a not-overwhelming heat, it’s a fantastic addition to anything. Make your nachos more intersting, create an intriguing vibe in your tomato soup or even spice up your good old toastie. On their website you can read:

“The vibrancy of colour dazzles your plate, whilst the flavour dazzles your taste buds. A colourful drop is all you need.”

Drunken Pig – Whisky and Bacon Sauce

Another intersting flavour combitation for food lovers. This time a slightly more mellow proposition:

“We have combined meaty salty bacon with the finest scotch whiskey and Happy Hedgehogs mix of maple syrup, vinegar & apples which has created a tart sweetness that marries perfectly with your breakfast-lunch or dinner.

We guarantee to turn your classic bacon sandwich into a complete taste transformation, it’s also wonderful with steak, chicken and if you are really adventurous it makes an amazing glaze for salmon.”

The labels

The labels were created by our in house design team. They are a continuation of the branding and visual aestethic we have perviously implemented in the design for a range of vinegars. As before we produced them digitally, with vibrant UV inks and semi-glass paper, finished off with matt varnish for extra protection.

We also offer flexographic printing method for larger runs.

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