New printed Jar Labels for Gower Cottage Brownie Butter

New Printed Jar Labels for Gower Cottage

Everyone with a sweet tooth that lives around the Reynoldston area is familiar with Gower Cottage Brownies, which have been baked there since 2007. This very successful brownie business has introduced new products into its range and we have just manufactured stunning looking new printed jar labels for them.

Brownie Butter

If you ever licked a bowl in your mum’s kitchen to “help” with the cleaning after making a batch of brownies – this dish will likely evoke that image.

Not heard of the scrumptious deliciousness of a chocolate brownie all squeezed into a jar ready to be slathered over warm waffles, dipped into by ripe strawberries, or spoonfuls snuck out of the jar when no one is looking?

Well, you’ve heard of it now! Probably time to get on and try one of the three delicious flavours. Discover for yourself why Jay Rayner called it “outrageous”.

Gower Cottage only use ingredients of superior quality.

We buy our chocolate from Callebaut in Belgium.
Their chocolate comes from 100% sustainable cocoa, supporting farmers and their communities in Africa.

They would say their work turns farmers into cocoa craftspeople, empowers female farmers, and develops the next generation of young farmers.

We say it’s the best tasting chocolate for our money, and even more so when you know all of that is going on behind the scenes.


Just as Gower Cottage Brownie do not compromise on quality – neither do we as a labels supplier. We use premium printing paper and UV inks, that are environmentally friendly. We are accredited by BRC and are members of Sedex, giving our customers extra peace of mind in terms of quality and hygiene culture as well as

For flexographic printing, we use Pantone shades – perfect for businesses requiring specific colour matches for their designs.

Self-adhesive labels that we produce should ideally be then applied using labelling machinery, that we can also supply. That way we can look after you throughout the whole process, which makes it efficient and smooth.

Here you can learn more about our labelling equipment. You can look at some examples on our YouTube channel.

If you would like to know more, please visit our website or give us a call on 01978 664544. You can also email us at

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