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New Labels, New Logo – New Vinegar Star Rising (or Brewing)!

Happy Hedgehog Foods is an exciting small business, producing a range of vinegars, jams and preserves, based in Wrexham, North Wales. They have recently won prestigious awards and they should be on every foodie’s radar. We have just printed their new labels with the new logo (rebrand created by our design team) – and their look fabulously fresh and vibrant.

On their website we read:

Happy Hedgehog Foods was borne via a rather old, but quite sizeable jam pan. From this cauldron of magic, various jams and preserves were created. This then led to even more kitchen alchemy and the creation of our unique brand of Fruit Flavoured Apple Cider Vinegars that are bursting with sweetness and flavour. All our fruit flavoured apple cider vinegars are steeped for a period of no less than 6 months, with the exception of our Balsamics which are matured for a period of no less than 18 months. There is no adding, cooking or mixing, our vinegars are created with patience and a lot of TLC.

Their Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar has received three stars at the prestigious Great Taste Awards in 2021. Apra, the business owner says:

Our Balsamic vinegar is a Vinegar that we have matured over a period no less than 16 months, until every part of the fruit has leeched into the vinegar creating a glorious well balanced flavour. 

All fruits used in our vinegars are either grown by us or picked locally, we steer clear from Pesticides. Our growth accelerant is Mother Nature. We pick each fruit only when it is bursting at the seams with juice & it’s this level of dedication & love of food that creates a unique flavour that is quite simply second to none.

Try this wonderful concoction of flavour on fresh salad, new potatoes, with Pate or cheese, it is also excellent with Fish or chicken, or just plain dipping with fresh bread & olives.

The labels have been produced digitally on a semi-gloss material with matt varnish for extra protection. At this moment only 5 labels have been redesigned, but there will be way more to come!

We will also supply a labelling machine to apply the labels to the bottles accurately and efficiently. That leaves Apra more time to create her fantastic products, which you can find here.

If you would like us to help with your labelling needs – give us a call on 01978 664544 and talk to our team of experts or you can email us at!

We offer many options for specialist products, like perforations for tamper-evident labels, split backing or peel and reseal labels. To find out more about our complete labelling solutions visit our website or youtube channel.

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