Marmite XO

Marmite XO Printed Labels

Our famous Marmite XO Labels have been back on the printing presses today. Printed using a five colour process and foil blocking on a 90gsm matt finished paper, Etiquette produce the XO label by utilising special dense black and cream tones to give a 3D effect to the Marmite Logo for maximum on-shelf impact. The back label continues the theme with very fine reverse text printed in matt gold.

With a standard 250g Marmite Jar with a black lid being used as the base of the pack, Unilever also task Etiquette with providing the tamper evident  watchstrap seal that adds the final detail to the package. Using a selected cutter for the shape of the watchstrap Etiquette print the subtle “marmite crest” design in matt gold creating the stylish finishing touch that Marmite XO deserves.

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