Limted Edition marmite Labels


At Etiquette we have manufactured the instantly recognisable Marmite labels since 1994, which has seen us produce various limited edition labels in addition to the classic. One of the multiple limited edition labels we have produced for Marmite is the Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter labels. Back in September 2009, Marmite launched ‘Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter’ jars as part of the Reading for Life initiative. The campaign featuring children’s storybook characters Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter, in conjunction with the DCSF’s ‘Reading for Life’ – a government initiative seeking to promote the benefits of reading from a young age. For this perfectly horrid collaboration, Marmite gave away free Horrid Henry audiobook downloads and launched two alternative promotional jars: ‘Marmite is perfect’/ ‘Marmite is horrid’.

More recently we produced the “Baby One” labels following their appearances’ in the End marmite Neglect Campaign. Launched to end cupboard cruelty and spread the love to all Marmite jars, especially those forgotten at the back of kitchen shelves, which turned out to be a marketing campaign that even the haters loved as Marmite received brand of the year for this noteworthy marketing strategy. For more information about how we can help your business grow and become more recognisable to consumers with our printed labels, contact our expert sales team on 0845 222 0354 or email them at

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