Labelling products for Toiletry uses

When Labelling  Toiletry uses there are a number of factors that need to be considered. The product is likely to be stored in wet conditions in the bathroom and water can be very damaging to the wrong type of label –  so choosing the right material for water resistance is critical. A polyethylene film is most suited to handle these types of conditions. Polyethylene film is environmentally friendly, has a low stiffness and high moisture resistance that make it the perfect substrate for labelling toiletry products. Customers don’t want to buy a product only for the label to peel off first time they use it, as it does not give the brand or product the best reputation. A quality look and feel is vital for these kinds of products and in terms of choosing the right adhesive for the job an Acrylic Adhesive would be best suited. They do not have the aggression a rubber adhesive would have, but are more suited for longer lasting products that will require labels to be frequently handled over a period of time. In addition to this remember to consider the shape of the packaging of the product in question and how it is designed to be handled and used. Shaped containers may need labels to be specially designed to ensure they remain flush to the surface of the product when being applied, as well as smaller containers that have tighter curves so may need a thin material combined with a more aggressive adhesive to stick around the tight curvature of those particular types of packaging.

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