How to keep your labelling costs down

How to keep your labelling costs down

Less is well, less

Thinking of creating a crazy colourful label?  You might want to think again.  The more colours you include into your label design the more flexographic colour plates you’ll have to buy, keep it simple with the use of two or three colours instead of 10.  If you put your creative head on you could create a fantastically eye-catching design with minimal colour injection!

Order larger quantities

Surely if you purchase a bigger amount of labels you’ll pay more?  Not necessarily, think of the economies of scale.  The larger the label quantity the bigger the deal you can secure.  If you know you’re label won’t be redesigned within the next few months or longer, then why not order them in advance and save yourself some pennies?

Basic cutter shapes

Your printed labels don’t have to be a quirky shape to catch the eye of your customer, it’s all about the design.  Invest some serious time in your logo and label design and keep it on a basic cutter shape such as a square or a rectangle.  The basic cutter shapes are always on site here at Etiquette so you won’t have to buy your cutter, helping create a lower cost for yourself once again.


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