Etiquette launches Modular Print and Apply Label Applicators and Labelling Machines

Print and Apply Labelling

In the modern labelling market traditional buying motives still apply such as Quality, Price and Reliability. However, due to the current economical climate resulting in financial uncertainties for many businesses and subsequent tightening of budgets, customers are looking for label applicators and labelling machines with lower operational costs and increased flexibility.

In response to these demands Etiquette is launching a new Modular Print and Apply Label Applicator – The Etiquette PRX PE Series. Historically, customers have needed to invest in a dedicated Print and Apply Labelling Machine for each label position, for example Front of Pack, Top of Pack, Side of Pack etc. Our new Modular Print and Apply Labeller delivers increased flexibility to those companies requiring the printing and applying of self adhesive labels to a variety of products where label position is subject to change. With the Etiquette PRX PE Series customers need to invest in only one machine, which, with change parts, can be customised and configured to apply labels in the most conventional, industry-standard positions. The PRX PE Series from Etiquette has also been designed and manufactured with the current issues facing our industry in mind, the main one being the rise in price of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) in the manufacture of thermal transfer ribbons. To address this the PRX PE Series is available with a ‘Ribbon-Saver’ option that can significantly reduce thermal ribbon usage and printhead wear resulting in lower operational costs for the end-user.

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