Iconic Candle Jar and Bath Salts Labels for Hobo + Co

Today we’re presenting these lovely labels for Hobo + Co, an independent home fragrance company based in Lincolnshire, England.  This is what we’ve found on their website: “Rachael founded hobo + co. in 2013 and has been self-taught right from the beginning, where it all started in her kitchen.  Since then, things have changed a bit and now all our products are handmade in a dedicated candle studio set amidst the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.‚Äč”

Each of their products is wicked, poured, labelled and carefully packaged all in-house by hand – and we put the same amount of care and precision to manufacture their labels.

Digitally produced, with UV inks on a synthetic material, the labels will handle frequent handling, as well as heat and they are waterproof, so they can be applied to both bath products and candle jars. The refreshingly simple and contemporary design will enhance your interior, bringing a touch of tranquillity and class to make your relaxing bath even more special.

If you would like to know more about our labels, please visit our websiteyoutube channel, give us a call on 01978 664544. You can also email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk.

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