Designing Labels


Launching a new product is a huge undertaking that involves everything from putting together a comprehensive marketing strategy to achieving the perfect label design. Although there is a lot of work and effort put in to ensure a successful product launch, creating unique labels is arguably one of the most important components, as the labels job is to catch the customer’s eye. Here are some pointers to help you on the path to create a successful product label.

  1. What to include on the label?
    Product labels must include elements such as the brand’s logo, your company’s name, a list of ingredients, nutritional information and possibly more depending on the industry sector.
  2. What colours to use?
    You might already have a set colour scheme that ties all your products together, but if not, think long and hard about aspects like the psychology of colour. Also pay attention to what your competitor’s products look like so you can fully grasp how to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Does the label need to meet any special requirements?
    Bath and body product labels must hold their own when exposed to water and oils, so a strong material must be chosen on which to produce the labels. Information required again very much depends on the industry sector, so you’ll have to do some research into required specifications and jurisdictions.
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