Cpress Juice Labels


Cpress is a business with various locations in and around London that specialise in healthy organic foods and smoothies in addition to other goods. Cpress are renowned for their healthy alternative to the usual average foods and for their healthy smoothies in particular as they use cold press technology to extract all the goodness out of the ingredients. Cold pressing is a process that involves a slow and gentle squeezing action to extract the juice. No heat and minimal friction is used, ensuring the fruit and vegetable vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain intact during the extraction. Unlike common centrifugal methods, cold pressing minimises the amount of air that is in contact with the juice.

These minimalistic labels for Cpress were printed using the latest digital technology. The design pays homage to the table of elements and reflects this by giving specialised codes for each of their products. A different colour has been used to signify the different flavours and products making it easier for customers to spot their favourites. For more details on our label printing service contact us on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

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