Cooper's Hill Cheese Labels

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Labels – freshly off the printing press

These beautifully printed cheese labels have come off our press recently and they deserve some special attention. Cooper’s Hill Double Gloucester is specially created for Somerdale by Joseph Heler.

On their website, we found some information about it: “Cooper’s Hill combines the creamy texture and rounded taste of a quintessentially British Double Gloucester with the tang of Chives and Onions.

Cooper’s Hill is a certified Non-GMO cheese and celebrates a famous cheese rolling tradition enshrined in English folklore. Cooper’s Hill is the location in Gloucester where this tradition still continues. Each year, a wheel of Gloucester cheese is sent down the hill for people to race after. The first person to cross the finish line is awarded the 9lb wheel of cheese and the glory of winning the world-famous event.

Cooper’s Hill is a fantastic addition to any cheese board makes a fantastic topping on baked potatoes and burgers. Of course, for those who enjoy the deliciously simple things in life, Cooper’s Hill is utterly divine when grilled.”

We are huge fans of cheese here at Etiquette Labels. We also love the beautiful design of these cheese labels. They were printed using 6 colour process, with 2 shades of special match green and gloss varnish for additional protection.

Our labels are manufactured with extreme care and meticulously inspected, to comply with the highest quality and hygiene standards, which makes Etiquette Labels an ideal choice for any food product labelling.

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