Complete Labelling Solutions for Lo-Col Products


Lo-Col is a healthy cheese alternative clinically proven to lower cholesterol. Both front and back labels are currently running on our printing presses. Lo-Col is manufactured exactly the same way as cheese so it performs and tastes exactly like cheddar, except that the cream is removed from the milk and replaced with vegetable oil. The labels we produce for Lo-Col use environmentally friendly UV inks, which allow our production team to achieve the highest possible quality finish and colour, giving the finished product on-shelf appeal as the vibrant colours catch the eye of potential customers. The front labels feature the Lo-Col logo which is central to the design whilst the reverse labels are finished with a special over-printable spot varnish which allows for a use-by-date to be printed and applied during the application stage.

We don’t just manufacture and supply the labels for the Lo-Col cheese product. As a complete labelling solutions provider we have also supplied machinery which applies both the front and back labels to the product and prints the use-by-date using a specially mounted hot-foil coder. You can see the machine in action HERE. The Top and Bottom label applicator we provided is capable of labelling 3600 products per hour which can increase the output of any production process. For more details on printed labels or machinery contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

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