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5 Ideas for Custom Bottle Labels That Stand Out

If you’re in the business of selling bottled products, you know how important it is to have eye-catching and memorable labels. Whether you’re selling water, juice, or beer, your label can make all the difference in attracting customers. Here are 5 creative ideas to make your custom bottle labels stand out from the competition.

Use bold and vibrant colours.

One of the easiest ways to make your custom bottle labels stand out is to use bold and vibrant colours. Bright colours like red, orange, and yellow are attention-grabbing and can make your product stand out on store shelves. Consider using contrasting colours to make your text and graphics pop even more. Just be sure to choose colours that fit with your brand and product.

Incorporate unique shapes and designs.

Another way to make your custom bottle labels stand out is to incorporate unique shapes and designs. Instead of sticking with a traditional rectangular label, consider using a die-cut label in the shape of your logo or product. You can also experiment with different label materials, such as textured or metallic finishes, to add visual interest. Just be sure that your label design still fits with your brand and product messaging.

Experiment with different textures and finishes.

Adding texture and finishes to your custom bottle labels can create a unique and eye-catching look. Consider using a matte or glossy finish to add depth and contrast to your design. You can also experiment with textured materials, such as linen or embossed paper, to add a tactile element to your label. Just be sure to choose a texture and finish that complements your brand and product.

Play with typography and font styles.

Typography and font styles can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your custom bottle labels. Consider using bold and unique fonts to make your brand name or product stand out. You can also experiment with different font sizes and styles to create a hierarchy of information on your label. Just be sure to choose fonts that are easy to read and reflect the personality of your brand. Here’s something our designer Alex created for one of our customers Happy Hedgehog:

Digitally Printed Labels

Bottle shape

Last but not least you can try sourcing some different-looking bottles. Non-standard packaging always draws attention – but it might not be the most practical solution, nor the most cost-effective one.

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