4 Reasons to include QR codes with your label designs




Customers like knowing things, especially about stuff that they’re spending money on. Using a QR code to provide additional information about your product is a great way to free up space on the labels, sharing nutritional facts, reviews, or even some sort of video or backstory about you or your product. Keep in mind that this content can be changed at any time. This way, you can keep using the same label design but still have fresh new content.




Using a QR code, you can create a landing page that will enable people to tweet about the product, share it on Facebook and even connect with your brand itself.




The goal of every business owner is to sell more of their product. With a QR code, you can take your customer directly to a page that will enable them to purchase your product.




This is a great chance to get your product in front of some more people and keep them using it and talking about it. You could direct the customer to a landing page with a form to get their information, and use it to enter them into a random drawing for some great prize.

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