Durable Labels that can Withstand Harsh Environments


We understand that Industrial labels are an important part of the manufacturing process and are used for a variety of applications such as traceability, compliance and stock control. By using high quality materials which are durable they can withstand abrasions and hostile environments in which the label may be exposed to cold temperatures, moisture, chemicals to ensure the label maintains its integrity and the information it conveys remains legible. Our durable labels continue to perform in all environments can help to identify areas of caution in the workplace such as moving parts on automatic machinery keeping workers safe, halting preventable injuries. Whilst we can manufacture ADR and GHS Hazard Warning Labels, we understand that different businesses have different needs and requirements, which is why we work closely with our customers to manufacture and design a solution for their requirements. For more details on our label printing service contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

Unrivalled Knowledge and Expertise of Food and Beverage Labels


With the food and beverage market being highly demanding and requiring label and sticker manufacturer that can produce and turnaround orders quickly and efficiently many food suppliers choose Etiquette. For over 26 years we have worked with some of the UK and Europe’s biggest brands helping them reach their deadlines and get their products on shelves of stores across the country. Our labels can help your products stand out from their competitors as we use the latest printing technology such as environmentally friendly UV inks, premium substrates and materials to ensure your labels are the best on the market. If you are unsure of what label would work best for your products, you can contact our friendly and helpful customer services team on 01978 664544 for free no-obligation advice or email us at: sales@etiquette.co.uk 

New Range of Labels for Bite Club


Have you seen the luxurious range of healthy meals available from Bite Club? Based in Liverpool, Bite Club’s mission is to provide meals which are not only delicious but nutritious, and made fresh in their craft kitchens daily. Bite Club’s meals can bought in selected outlets or ordered through their new app – allowing you to skip queues and have food delivered to you! We worked closely throughout the planning stage with Bite Club working with members of their team to create functional and stylish labels which would not only catch the eye of potential customers but also serve as a tamper evident label ensuring that products remain fresh and quality is maintained. Each label has been printed with environmentally friendly UV inks and finished with an over-printable varnish which allows for variable information such as barcodes, price and ingredients to be printed at a later date when needed by Bite Club. If you need more information on labels and stickers for your products you can contact us on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk 

Labelling Machines and Applicators to Improve your Production Processes


We can supply a wide range of labelling machines from manual labelling machines to fully automatic mainframe systems which can be integrated seamlessly into your current production process. Over the past 26 years we have built a proven reputation for integrating our fast and efficient label applicators and machines with a wide range of food manufacturing processes including fresh produce, beverages, dairy, frozen food and many more. Being one of the UK’s leading label manufacturers we understand the needs for quality and efficiency in addition to outstanding customer support, which is why we work some of the UK’s biggest food manufacturers and suppliers. If you would like more information on how to increase your product output and workflow you can contact us on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk 

More Outstanding Labels for Kirkland Signature Coffee


Having passed the high demands of our quality control team, these vibrant labels for Kirkland Signature Coffee are ready to be packed and shipped to the customer. Over the years we have produced a number of different labels for a wide variety of Kirkland Signature Coffees including the Colombian Supremo and French Roast Sumatra. We only use the highest quality environmentally friendly UV inks to produce bright and vibrant labels for our customers in addition to sourcing the highest quality materials form ethically sustainable sources. These Colombian Supremo labels are made with a durable polyethylene material which adheres perfectly to the flexible coffee packaging due to its flexibility. If you need more information on labels and stickers for your products you can contact us on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk 

Labels for San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend


Currently being checked by our eagle eyed quality department, these labels for Rogers Coffee are going to take pride of place on thousands of bags of San Francisco Bay Coffee in people kitchens across the UK, ready to give them the morning pick me up needed to start the day. The rainforest Blend is an artful mix of coffees from Columbia, Mexico, Guatemala and Indonesia to produce a smooth full bodied taste. The labels are identifiable on shelves by the large logo which features the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and distinctive signature gold border which adheres the packaging. To achieve this special effect our expert print department used a special gold UV ink in addition to numerous green UV inks to achieve the outstanding quality. The labels were also produced using a polyethylene substrate which allows for flexibility, so the label adheres perfectly and conforms to the products flexible plastic packaging. For more details please contact us on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

Self-Adhesive Plain Labels and Stickers


With our extensive knowledge of labelling applications we can supply plain labels tailored to your printer specification all at a fraction of the cost of the printer manufacturer. We can manufacture labels for all of the leading brands of label printer from Argox to Zebra, in addition to supplying thermal transfer ribbons should they be required. In order to deliver the very best quality labels and stickers available on the market we have 3 specialist presses purely for this purpose, operating wide web manufacturing width with turret re-wind to facilitate the most efficient production of your labels that are available on a wide range of core sizes. Our expert Sales and Customer Service teams are always available to share their labelling knowledge with customers so if you require more information regarding plain labels please call us on 01978 664544 today.

Labels and Stickers for a wide Variety of Products


At Etiquette we have over 26 years’ experience in printing high quality labels and stickers for a diverse range of products across wide variety of industries throughout the UK, Europe and North America. We specialise in medium to long runs, and can produce the best quality labels on the market using state-of-the-art flexographic printing equipment and converting equipment. We take great pride in always being able to offer a flexible approach to ensure we not only meet our customers’ expectations, but go even further, to not only deliver the best possible products but also the best customer service. For more details on printed labels or machinery contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

Get the much coveted No-Label look for your Products


We can produce labels and stickers to suit your products unique requirements, by using the latest industry technologies and our vast experience we can increase your products on-shelf appeal. We work with a wide variety of customers who need their labels to not only attract attention but also be able to withstand water for sustained periods of time whilst being able to flex with the products container. As the UK experts in labels we can provide a wide range of elegant finishing options such as clear or transparent materials which can give your product the much coveted no-label look. This is achieved by using a special printing techniques and materials such as Polypropylene which can give your product extra on-shelf impact against its competitors. Clear labels and transparent stickers from us are the perfect solutions for advertising and highlighting your products whilst providing an unmatched finish only Etiquette can provide. For more details on printed labels or machinery contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

We have Been Producing the Highest Quality Labels Since 1991


We have been producing labels and stickers since 1991 and believe that our success as a company is driven by our dedication to customer service and products that we supply. Since our inception we have always taken great pride in providing the highest quality solutions to all of our customers, which has enabled us to build strong long-lasting relationships with our clients as we enjoy a high level of returning customer and repeat business. Our cutting edge flexographic printing presses are capable of bringing new and exciting ideas to life, in addition to consistently achieving the best quality results on the market today by continually investing in the latest equipment and technology to ensure that we can manufacture the very best quality labels and stickers money can buy. For more details on printed labels or machinery contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

Complete Labelling Solutions for Lo-Col Products


Lo-Col is a healthy cheese alternative clinically proven to lower cholesterol. Both front and back labels are currently running on our printing presses. Lo-Col is manufactured exactly the same way as cheese so it performs and tastes exactly like cheddar, except that the cream is removed from the milk and replaced with vegetable oil. The labels we produce for Lo-Col use environmentally friendly UV inks, which allow our production team to achieve the highest possible quality finish and colour, giving the finished product on-shelf appeal as the vibrant colours catch the eye of potential customers. The front labels feature the Lo-Col logo which is central to the design whilst the reverse labels are finished with a special over-printable spot varnish which allows for a use-by-date to be printed and applied during the application stage.

We don’t just manufacture and supply the labels for the Lo-Col cheese product. As a complete labelling solutions provider we have also supplied machinery which applies both the front and back labels to the product and prints the use-by-date using a specially mounted hot-foil coder. You can see the machine in action HERE. The Top and Bottom label applicator we provided is capable of labelling 3600 products per hour which can increase the output of any production process. For more details on printed labels or machinery contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

Printed Labels for Isle of Wight Cheese Company


We have the pleasure of manufacturing labels and stickers for some of the UK’s favourite Cheese producers, one of which is Isle of Wight Cheese, who started making cheese at the dairy in Queenbower in October 2006.  Shortly afterwards they started winning awards for their artisan cheese range. Our team of printers have produced these labels for the Gallybagger variety of cheese which features the company’s logo in addition to product information. Etiquette is one of the UK’s leading food label manufacturers and work with a variety of companies to ensure their products have the best quality labels on the market. Our manufacturing facility holds accreditation at the highest levels of BRC- the global standard for packaging and packaging materials. For more details on printed labels contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

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