Printed Labels for Slim Bay Health Supplements


Here at Etiquette we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading label manufacturer. Our unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the industry sees us work with a vast array of companies to produce outstanding quality labels to advertise their products, like these wonderful and vibrant labels for Slim Bay. A revolutionary company in the supplements market, that only offer supplements that have been manufactured to the absolute highest standards. Using the latest UV inks and printing techniques our expert production team were able print these dynamic labels. Printed on a gloss white material and embellished with silver foil for added on shelf appeal, these labels are sure to catch the eye effortlessly. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at


Superior Quality Labels at the Best Possible Prices


As the UK experts in labels and Labelling we supply and manufacture labels for some of the UK and Europe’s leading brands. That is because here at Etiquette we understand that labels are one of the most common but also one of the most unique and powerful marketing tools around, perfect for promoting brand and product awareness alike. We are proud to offer superior quality labels at the best possible prices, as we continually strive to provide all our customers with the best quality products and customer service. Our manufacturing and label printing capabilities are extensive, combined with continual development and through investment in the latest technologies we are able to produce labels of unrivalled quality. We have the experience and technical experience to help find the perfect solution for your labelling and label printing requirements. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Utensa Kingdom Collection Printed Labels


Designed by and produced by Etiquette these labels truly show that not only do we provide complete labelling solutions for customers but we also make their products come to life. Labels can be just as important as the product itself to gain and retain your customer base, and we understand that the quality and design can make all the difference between flying off the shelf or being ignored, with this in mind we pride ourselves on producing high quality labels so your products will stand out from the crowd. One of the unique features on this label is that it uses one of our special removable adhesives, allowing the end user to remove the label from the product and view the instructional information on the reverse of label. The label has been finished using an over printable varnish that allows operators at Utensa to print variable information such as barcodes, price and product codes on the label.

Marketing Manager Chris Davies who was instrumental in  this project is quoted as saying: “After a meeting and brief with the team from Utensa, it was decided that a label with a regal design and feel would be the most appropriate final touch to the ‘Kingdom Collection’. Our designers utilised carefully selected typography and colours in the print process to produce a label that, firstly reflects the premium nature of the product, and secondly satisfies the functions that it must perform from the customers perspective. I’m happy to say that Utensa are really pleased with the end result.”


Natural Kitchen London Clear Labels


Currently being printed on our presses are these clear / transparent labels for the Natural Kitchen. As the UK experts in labels and labelling we are able to produce a wide range of quality labels at the most cost effective prices. Our specialist print team use only the finest materials and the latest in printing technology for all our clients. These labels for the Natural Kitchen are being manufactured using a polypropylene material which allows for a wide range of design and performance choices on rigid packaging and bottles. This kind of material is more commonly used in the beer and beverage and high-end cosmetic labelling where a ‘no label’ look can increase shelf impact. Another main reason polypropylene is widely used in these industries is because it is a very durable and highly resistant synthetic material. It is fully water and weather proof and is excellent for applications that are outdoors or in constant exposure or contact with water as it has high resistance to oils, alcohol and many other chemicals. When thinking of using a clear label for printing your design, we have options of Matt or Gloss clear materials depending on your desired finish.  The gloss clear will provide a glossy or shiny finish, with the matt offering a satin or more dull design.  It is often personal preference to your desired look. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Printed Labels for Market Kitchen


Being printed on the presses are these circular labels for Market Kitchen. To produce labels that are of the highest quality, we have invested heavily in technology so that our labels will make your products standout against all others. By using the latest in UV ink technology and the most advanced printing techniques we manufacture the best labels money can buy. As the UK experts in labels and labelling we are renowned for providing unmatched service when you need labels fast. By using the latest UV technology and curing systems we can boast the fastest turnaround times in the industry. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Award winning Businesses choose Etiquette


At Etiquette we manufacture and supply printed labels and labelling solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need labels for existing products or new, we pride ourselves on providing market leading, high quality, cost effective solutions. As the UK experts in labels and labelling some of the most decorated companies and brands in their chosen fields of expertise have chosen Etiquette to supply them with distinctive labels of the highest calibre. One of our many esteemed clients is Belton Farm, which is a multi award winning cheese producer based in Shropshire. Belton Farm produces multiple artisan cheeses, many of which have won awards for their outstanding taste and texture. In the 2014 global cheese awards they were awarded no less than 18 separate prizes. We are proud to supply Belton Farm with printed labels to help showcase their hard work and dedication and to help promote their range of award winning cheese.

Operations Director Christiane Gough says “It is a great privilege to have been associated with Justin Beckett and the team at Belton for so many years now. They are an outstanding producer of high quality cheese and lead the way in innovation and quality – much like ETIQUETTE in fact!!”

Printing Labels for Global Brands


Whether you are in need of plain, self-adhesive labels for printing in-house, pre-printed labels to support your packaging or thermal transfer ribbons, we treat every job with the same care and attention to detail. Our unrivalled skill and expertise in the label printing industry sees us work with some the biggest brands across the UK and Europe. We have a highly experienced print team that are known for consistently delivering the very best quality labels that money can buy. High quality printed labels add a strong visual element to your product making it instantly recognisable to customers. Whatever your own specific printed label requirements are, we will make sure we understand your needs completely from the start to create the perfect labels for you, this is why many of theUK and Europe’s prestigious brands distribute products across the globe choose Etiquette as their label supplier. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Daler Rowney Printed Labels


Daler Rowney are one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of art supplies. In 1783, the Rowney Company was established when Richard and Thomas Rowney moved to central London and opened premises selling perfumes and wig powder. By 1963, Rowney was the first manufacturer in Europe to introduce artists’ acrylic colour. Rowney’s ‘Cryla’ was widely used by artists throughout the 1960s and 1970s heralding a new era in art practice which became known as ‘Pop Art’ since then Daler Rowney has been an established manufacturer of high quality art supplies. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of art materials Daler Rowney needs a label manufacturer they can trust to deliver labels of the highest quality on time every time.

With over 20 years’ experience in the label printing industry we have unmatched knowledge and experience in the label printing industry it was only natural that Daler Rowney would choose Etiquette as their label supplier for its esteemed range of Langton Prestige watercolour paper. Langton Prestige is a superior-quality watercolour paper manufactured using 100% cotton, the highest quality material for papermaking. Made traditionally on a cylinder mould machine, the paper features a natural whiteness with a soft touch and distinctive texture.

Using the latest UV ink technology and state of the art printing technology our team of printing experts were to create these colourful, elegant and traditional looking labels. The coat of Arms logo makes these labels instantly recognisable as a mark of quality throughout the world of art. The outer colours of the labels included the pattern of the paper inside the packaging as a reference point any potential customers. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at


A Wide Range of Industrial Printers


Ideal for demanding, high-volume industries our ranges of industrial label printers are capable of delivering high performance label printing at the touch of a button. Increasing productivity and reducing costs are priorities in any workplace. When it comes to label printing, our range of high speed industrial label printers combine proven printer performance with new levels of efficiency to help you do more for less.

With a range of specialised features our range of printers are capable of printing up to 300dpi and are perfect for a wide range of industries like warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and retail – plus any other sector where you need to be able to print high-quality labels.

Our reputation as the UK experts in Labels and Labelling has been built upon years of hard work, dedication to our customers and providing tailored solutions to our customer’s at the most cost-effective prices. We have unrivalled knowledge and experience in the labelling industry, which allows us to provide premium support for all our customers. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

The Natural Kitchen London


Currently rolling off the press are these magnificent labels for The Natural Kitchen London. Regarded as “The” healthy dining option for City workers, locals and visitors to the Capital the Natural Kitchen offers great food choices combined with casual dining throughout their four locations across the capital. As the UK experts we offer a comprehensive choice of production processes, finishes and printing methods, we’re ideally suited to give your products the on shelf appeal they deserve, allowing us to work with numerous businesses that require labels in a variety of different industries.

For over 20 years we have produced premium quality self-adhesive labels and are accredited to the highest standards of quality with ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) This is confirmation that we consistently deliver labels that will meet your needs, as well as statutory and regulatory requirements. As one of the UK’s leading label manufacturers and suppliers we are here to help, advise, plan and produce cost effective labelling solutions tailored around your needs. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Label Embellishment adds a Look and Feel of Luxury


In a highly demanding and fast moving market place, an attractive label can help promote your products. At Etiquette we have a various ways of distinguishing your products to customers and potential customers alike. Label decoration can boost a products shelf appeal by creating strong visual and tactile impact on potential customers and help create product differentiation making certain products easily recognisable.

Our advanced label printing techniques will bring your products to life, with decades of experience in the manufacture and supplying of high quality labels we can recommend the most cost effective solutions to suit any application.

These Great Ness labels have been printed using the latest in UV ink technology in addition to being finished with cold foil which adds a luxury look and feel to the label. Cold Foiling is an indulgent way to bring label designs to life, and add a touch of luxury. As the UK experts in labels and labelling, the level of fine detail that we can achieve is second to none, and we can add metallic foil in almost any colour. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at


Barcode Solutions


As the UK experts in labels and labelling we work with businesses of all sizes to develop barcode solutions that improve operations and business efficiency. Working across multiple industries including manufacturing, warehousing and retail, our experienced team develop bespoke solutions based on the right combination of barcoding technology and software.

Introducing barcode technology into your business can improve efficiency and productivity because they are extremely versatile. They can be used for any kind of necessary data collection. This could include pricing or inventory information. Additionally, barcodes can be attached to just about any surface, they can be used to track not only the products themselves, but also outgoing shipments and even equipment. Data obtained through barcodes is available rapidly, since the information is scanned directly into the central computer, it is ready almost instantaneously. This quick turnaround ensures that time will not be wasted on data entry or retrieval.

For the most cost effective results, implementation requires the correct combination of barcode printers, label design software, labels and thermal ribbons that suit your application. Speak to one of our experts and they can provide you with a good overview of what we can do for you and your business, call them direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Trusted by Big Name Brands


As a market leader in the manufacture and supplying of self-adhesive labels we are trusted by some of the biggest brands to produce labels of the highest calibre to a wide range of sectors including food, health and beauty, household products and beverages. Our expertise enables us to consistently satisfy all our customers’ requirements. As the UK experts in labels and labelling we understand the importance of ensuring that your products stand out from your competitors. That’s why we can offer a vast range of printing processes and label finishes adding value to your product.

Our highly skilled sales team work closely with all our clients throughout each stage of the process to make sure that we fully understand our customers’ requirements. Through the building of these relationships, we consistently deliver the most complete labelling solutions tailored to the customers’ exact requirements. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Post Me Printed Labels


Fresh off the presses are these wonderful labels for Post Me who supplies a wide range of Chocolate bars, Biscuits and other confectionary items that can be bought as single items or in bulk.

As the UK experts in labels and labelling we work wide a huge range of companies in different industry sectors. We have the knowledge and expertise to tailor the most cost effective labelling solutions around your needs. For over 20 years we have been trusted by business of all sizes, from entrepreneurial business start-ups placing their first order, to global ‘blue chip‘ companies seeking reliable suppliers to deliver the highest quality labels money can buy. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Printed labels for Profab Access


Currently being printed on the presses are these labels for Profab Access. As one of the UK’s leading and most highly respected provider of quality access solutions including, Access Panels, Riser Doors, Steel Doors & Loft Hatches in combination with a reputation for outstanding service always aim to exceed customers’ needs and expectations, with a prompt, proactive approach. Profab Access has used these labels as an opportunity to showcase some of their more valued accreditations to further instil confidence in potential customers. Our expert print team were able to produce these labels using the latest printing technology and techniques.  This functional label allows the users to add additional information to the label when necessary. For more information you can contact the Etiquette sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Creating Attractive Labels


When shoppers are scanning shelves in their local stores, brand awareness can be a major contributor in terms of which items they pick, some customer very loyal to certain brands while other shoppers will look for the best deal. Independent product labels might actually have an advantage compared to the packaging used by nationwide brands. Why? Products that people don’t recognize represent a breath of fresh air amid the usual products. Sometimes, unfamiliar packaging or labels can turn the heads of potential shoppers and set smaller brands apart.

A label can seem like such a small part of a product, but don’t be fooled – it’s actually a crucial marketing component. Labels are a very unique selling point because they’re tactile; customers can interact with them by touching and getting a feel for the product, in addition to forming an insight into the brand.


Here are 4 aspects to take into consideration when designing your label:


1.     Brand Placement

The theme of your label should correspond with the tone of your overall messaging. Do you position your brand as Casual? , Modern? , Fun?, Healthy and active? , Vintage? Make sure your label echoes this.


 2.     Information

Good design is vital in terms of attracting attention to your products, but don’t forget to include the relevant information on your labels as well. Your company’s contact information, the item’s barcode and the list of ingredients and statutory information that may be required by law.


 3.      Legibility

The effort you put into carefully crafting a witty product tagline and attention-grabbing logo will all go to waste if your labels are illegible. Selecting appropriate fonts, text size and colour combination to highlight your design rather than obscure it.


 4.      Size, Shape, Material and Finish

It can be very easy to get so caught up in the design of a label that you forget to think about its size, shape, material and finish. Where will your products be stored? Are they going to have to resist cold temperature in freezers or resist UV light outside? Are the labels going to have to be tapered so they adhere to product packaging? But don’t worry this is where we come in.

Etiquette has been at the forefront of label manufacturing for over twenty years. We are an established company with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of self-adhesive label printing and application. With a wealth of experience as a leading label printing company, our team can offer expert advice to ensure you achieve the correct labelling solutions to suit your business needs. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Durable Polyester Labels


When deciding on label material, the most important factors are the conditions labels will be exposed to as different products will require different types of labels. Some products are exposed to harsh conditions, severely cold or extremely hot temperatures or rough handling during distribution. These products need labels that will withstand all these conditions, and such labels usually cannot be made out of paper. Here steps in polyester with its fantastic characteristics: polyester labels are resistant to scuffing, tearing, abrasion, fading, chemical solvents and water so if you require longevity in harsh conditions look no further than polyester. As the UK experts in labels and labelling we produce high quality labels for some of the biggest brands across Europe in a many different industrial sectors, we have even manufactured polyester labels for the Ministry of Defence. In addition to polyester label types, Etiquette also provides a range of highly specialist synthetic stocks for specific applications these include but are not limited to: shrinkable, conformable, tamper evident and holographic. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

The Best Digital Labels on the Market


As the UK experts in labels and labelling we are able to cater for a wide variety of label requirements to suit the individual needs of our customers. We have extensive experience of providing labels to a range of markets, including; food and drink, packaging, wine , baked goods and many more. Offering the most competitive prices on flexographic and digitally printed labels, our state of the art presses mean that we can produce labels of the highest quality, quicker than any other label manufacturer.

This range of labels that we have printed for Hedonist Bakery  who worked with traditional craft bakeries for over seven years, they have selected and developed the most indulgent authentic recipes to produce the finest range of additive free handmade breads and pastries. Printed on our digital press to allow for maximum opportunities of the ever changing market place whether it’s to produce a seasonal or limited edition product, digital printing service provides the perfect solution for producing short runs of multiple types of labels. Its’ plate-less technology gives you real flexibility for consecutive numbering and variable data-including barcodes can be incorporated into the print, allowing authentic personalisation or product traceability and security, without detriment to print quality. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at


Attractive Labels help your Brand and Products Standout


As new technology is introduced daily, self-adhesive labels still remain one of the most popular in the packaging industry. As a leading manufacturer of plain and printed labels for over 20 years Etiquette can guarantee labels of the highest quality. We operate some of the largest plain and printing presses in the UK, allowing us to manufacture the exact sizes that you require with low set-up costs. Self-adhesive labels can be found on many major shelf products including food, beverages, household products, beauty aids, supplements, wine/spirits and many more. Labels make products easily identifiable on shelves, an attractive and informative label will really help to promote your brand and product against other competitors. We recommend cost effective and economic solutions to suit a variety of applications whatever your printing needs.  For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Label X RM High Speed Labelling Machine


As the UK experts in labels and labelling we pride ourselves on being able to provide complete labelling solutions to our customers. We have a wide range of machinery that is capable of solving even the most challenging labelling requirements. Our team of dedicated specialists are able to tailor solutions for all sectors of industry.

The Label X RM is a sophisticated high speed labelling machine that is capable of applying self-adhesive labels at 60 meters per minute. This machine is suitable for use on production lines, as it boasts reliable stepper driven motor and is controlled by a microprocessor. All major parts are constructed principally of stainless steel and anodized aluminium, making it robust for use in even the harshest environments this machine is truly state of the art. The Label X RM features a touchscreen control box that allows you to adjust dispensing speed, dwell time, labels dispensed counter in addition to start/stop.

Some of the key features include:

  • Stepper motor drive
  • Touch-screen control box for adjustment of dispensing speed and dwell time, and storage of label formats
  • Label roll unwind unit for reels up to 400mm o.d.
  • Powered rewinder for waste take-up up to 250mm o.d.
  • Adjustable label dispensing angle
  • Low label alarm
  • Missing label on reel compensator
  • Automatic label counter
  • Label format memory
  • 140mm or 250mm web width options
  • Can be side mounted, or top mounted
  • Left or right versions available
  • Variable dispensing speed up to 90 m/min
  • Quick release aluminium full spool discs

You can see the Label X RM in action in the video below. For more information on any labelling machines that we offer you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at


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