Freshly printed labels for freshly baked muffins


Hot off the Etiquette presses this morning are these labels for Muffin Master Baker and Confectioners. These labels were printed using the latest in UV ink technology on our state of the art flexographic printing presses that are able to print up to ten colours on any label. You may wonder how the printing process works. Well there are 5 key steps in the flexographic printing process.

  1. Rotary relief plates are made from a soft rubber material and attached around a cylinder which mounted to the press
  2. Each colour used in the printing process needs its own plate. For example if you have a 6 colour label, then 6 printing plates will be used in the process.
  3. An anilox roller applies a specific amount of ink to the plate. The anilox roller has thousands of tiny cells across its surface. It is in these holes the ink is transferred from the ink unit to the printing plate.
  4. A doctor roll or blade removes excess ink from the anilox surface so just the right amount of ink is transferred to the surface.
  5. Finally an impression roller, keeps the substrate pressed firmly against the flexographic plate whist the image is formed.

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Specialising in Quality


At Etiquette we have produced impeccable quality labels that bring products to life for over 20 years. We understand the unique packaging challenges presented by your industry, and will dedicate our expertise to finding you the best solutions. Whatever your need, be it to gain maximum on-shelf appeal, or to be compliant with the strictest of packaging regulations, we’ll take care of it. With a wide choice of production processes, finishes and printing methods we have truly earned our name as the UK’s Experts in Labels and Labelling.

At Etiquette we only use the very best materials because this enables us to produce labels of the highest standards. Unlike other label printers that use water or solvent based inks, we use UV inks to print our labels to achieve the best possible results. Water based inks are not as vibrant as UV inks, take a longer time to dry and are less hard wearing and durable. Solvent inks are toxic and require special handling and ventilation in compliance with specific regulations relating to the release of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s and are less environmentally friendly than other inks. UV inks are very fast drying which enables us to print at increased speed enabling us to get your labels to you faster. Another advantage is that the ink is very versatile and can be used across a wide range of substrates flexible or rigid. Because UV inks are so quick drying they have less impact on the environment than other inks, so you could say we are saving the planet one label at a time.


New labels for Gloveglu


Printed on the Etiquette presses today were these brand new labels for Gloveglu. Developed with the needs of football in mind Gloveglu goalkeeper formula enhances the grip of any goalkeeper glove with its unique formula. This brand continues to go from strength to strength and our products are now available all over the world. The Sportstrad team has the desire to continue to launch innovative products that make a real difference to any sports person at all levels and help people enjoy things along the way. These bright and colourful labels were printed with the latest in UV ink technology. If you would like to know more about Gloveglu or other products that Sportstrad off you can visit their or to find out how Etiquette can enhance your products with flawless labels you can call our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at



The best quality labels money can buy


Looking for high-quality labels? Etiquette produce a wide variety of vibrant labels on our state of the art printing presses, which create crisp perfect labels for every type of packaging. When you are selling your products in a retail store you need to have labels that will catch the consumer’s attention. Your label is the most important marketing vehicle and can make or break the success of your product. With our state-of-the-art label printing technology your labels are sure to grab the customer’s attention. We provide affordable labels of all shapes and sizes for small orders for individuals and big businesses alike. Etiquette are well equipped to handle and fulfil the most demanding of label projects, that is why we are known as the experts in labels and labelling. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Brand New labels for a Brand New Restaurant


Brand New labels for a Brand New Restaurant. Being printed on the Etiquette presses today are these new labels for the brand new Cargo Bistro situated at Victory Pier at Medway which opens this September. With its industrial themed interior, Cargo provides a modern, yet relaxed feel, with four different areas – a bistro, soft lounge, a bar with standing area and a performance space. These elegant circular labels have been printed with the latest in UV ink technology. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

New Labels for Fuizion Freeze Dried Foods


Printed today on the Etiquette presses were these new labels Fuizion Freeze Dried foods. Fuizion have a really unique approach when it comes to freeze dried food. All of their products are prepared and cooked by a chef with over 20 years’ experience, creating food to the highest standards and quality. It was only natural the Etiquette print these new labels as we have the same high standards and quality as Fuizion when it comes to our product. These new labels were printed with the latest in UV ink technology with a three colour process. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

New Food Labelling Law and how Labels will Look

Soon the way product information displayed on food and drink items is going to change by law. The new regulation will apply to all businesses involved in the process. The new regulation aims to make food labels clearer and easier to understand whilst improving nutritional and allergen information to consumers. It will apply to all food intended for the final consumer, such as ready meals, crisps, confectionary items and soft drinks.

The main changes are going to be Clearer allergen information on pre-packed food, a minimum font size for mandatory information, additional labelling for drinks that contain a high caffeine content, the or origin of vegetable oil, the indication of added water >5% and mandatory back of the pack nutrition information.

All major allergens must be emphasised on the labels. There are no less than 14 allergens that have been identified which are:

  • eggs
  • milk
  • fish
  • tree nuts (such as almonds and cashews)
  • sesame seeds
  • cereals that contain gluten, rye, barley, oats, or their hybridised strains.
  • crustaceans ( such as crab and prawn)
  • molluscs (such as mussels and oysters)
  • peanuts
  • soya
  • celery and celeriac
  • mustard
  • lupin
  • sulphur dioxide and sulphites (at concentration of more than ten parts per million)


If your products contain any of these ingredients you will have to make them more visible to customers and you can do this by placing the words in BOLD, italic, underlining or by placing them in a different colour.


Here is an example of how the current information is displayed and how it will look after December 13th.

This will also apply to loose foods such as fruit and vegetables. Currently you can purchase fruit and vegetables without packaging in places such as supermarkets. However the new regulation states that information on any of the 14 allergens used as ingredients will need to be provided for these foods.


In addition to this there will also be a minimum size on text allowed on the label. This will be 1.2mm and applies to the following information:

  • Name of Food
  • Ingredients
  • Allergens
  • QUID (Quantitative Ingredient Declaration)
  • Net Quantity
  • Minimum Durability
  • Storage Conditions
  • Name & Address of Food Business
  • Country of Origin
  • Instructions for Use
  • Alcohol content


To give you an Idea of what this will look like are some examples of the most popular fonts used and the minimum size that will be allowed.












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Spreading the Word with Labels


Here at Etiquette we work with a wide range of customers across the UK and Europe, who provide all sorts of products and services. With our expertise and ability to print the highest quality labels available on the market today, Etiquette is the obvious choice for many companies.

Although many companies often regard product labels as promotional components, that does not mean they cannot also serve as educational devices. Although manufacturers may not have a whole lot of room to talk about their goods, a simple description on the label itself can go a long way in giving customers an overview of what they are purchasing. The description itself could serve as a way to promote the product and give potential customers some insight into how it came to be. Like these labels for Granny Tigg’s sauce which give you some background information on how it was created and the journey to get there. Here is a quick extract from the label: From Miss New Zealand to Granny Tigg, this recipe has shared a remarkable journey of over 12,000 miles, from the shores of New Zealand to the hills of Herefordshire, England where it is now lovingly produced by her grandchildren at Broadfield Court. An Olive Oil and Cider Vinegar base fuels this unique explosion of flavour. It is not only limited to salads, but enriches a variety of foods including burgers as a relish, meats as a marinade or anything else as a drizzle!

This information really gives you an idea of how Granny Tigg’s sauce is made and produced, and can inspire customer confidence. For more information on how Etiquette can help you with your label enquiries contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at or if you would like to know more about Grann Tigg’s sauce you can visit:

New Printed labels for Tasty Tubs


Hot off the Etiquette presses are these new labels for Tasty Tubs. Tasty Tubs are an exciting new concept in the confectionary market and this attractive and eye-catching packaging is sure to provide on-shelf appeal. These Tasty Tubs labels show real technical prowess with their special shape tapered for the products packaging, adding a real elegance to the overall design of the product. This modern label design has been printed with a special green UV ink and it is sure to be a firm favourite with customers of all ages. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Providing the right Solutions


Etiquette has years of proven industry experience and knowledge in providing the right machines and support for any label printing application. Our knowledge of label printing products is unequalled in the industry and our aim is to help customers make the correct choice when it comes to fulfilling their label printing requirements. We are one of a few complete labelling solutions providers meaning that whatever the printing requirement, we are here to help, advise and supply our customers with the right machines at the right prices. Our knowledge of labelling and our dedication to finding the right solutions for our customers is so widely respected that we are an official partner of Sato, a world leading brand of printers.

We can pass these benefits on to you by offering a wide range of high quality world renowned printers like the Sato CL4NX which offers a vast array of standard features that are unequalled by its competition. Printer setups, operation and maintenance are supremely easy and intuitive. It’s Sato’s first truly universal Industrial Label Printer engineered for the most demanding printing applications. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

New Week, New Labels

Hot off the press this Monday morning are these striking labels for Kent Hospitality’s restaurant Dolche Vita, located within the University of Kent. For companies that work in the food industry, Etiquette is the number one choice when it comes to supplying their labels due to our extensive knowledge of the industry and our accreditation at the highest level BRC/IOP – the global standard for packaging and packaging materials. These industry-wide standards for food quality and safety are recognised and used throughout the world meaning Etiquette adheres to the very highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety regulations. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Plain Labels


Etiquette is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of plain labels. We have some of the largest plain label presses in the country we are naturally the first choice for many companies across the UK and Europe. Etiquette plain and simply provides the fastest delivery, best prices and best quality available on the market today, offering a wide range of materials such as paper, polypropylene and polyester we can offer the best labelling solution for you. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Printed labels for Labcraft


Printed today on the Etiquette presses were these self – adhesive labels for Labcraft.  Labcraft is a leading European designer, developer and manufacturer of sustainable, innovative low voltage lighting solutions. The products they create are used in many different applications including caravans, boats, commercial vehicles, off grid solar systems, trailers, kiosks, displays and vending machines. These simplistic labels feature Labcraft’s logo and is printed using the latest in UV ink technology. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Self – Adhesive Labels


Etiquette use a variety of high quality label printing technologies in combination with our market leading expertise in all aspects of labelling to produce the highest standard of self – adhesive labels available on the market today. For over 20 years we have supplied some of the UK and Europe’s biggest manufactures with labels for their business and continue to do so today. Our quality of customer service is just as important as our quality of product. We pride ourselves on being the UK experts in labels and labelling and finding the most cost effective solutions for our customers.  For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Label Dispensers and Rewinders


At Etiquette we pride ourselves on being the UK independent experts in all things labelling. Etiquette can provide you with labels, printers, applicators, software and even label dispensers and rewinders. We understand how important your productivity is, and with our range of label dispensing and rewinding solutions we can help you improve greatly. One of the numerous solutions we offer is the RW Counter Check.

The RW table top rewind machine is ideal for overcoming a number of issues with reel round self – adhesive labels. Labels that are delivered with the wrong edge leading can be corrected with a minimal loss of production time. In addition reels can be counted to check for correct quantities, check for missing labels and this particular machine even works with clear labels. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Peel and Read labels


Etiquette can offer a wide range of high quality labels solutions to benefit you.  With our state of the art printing equipment and over twenty years’ experience in the labelling industry we are able to manufacture labels others can’t. As the UK experts we can provide a special removable adhesive that allow the end user to remove the label from the finished product and view instructional information that has been printed on the reverse. This can help you to minimise cost, whilst providing additional space for secondary information. Perfect for extra information such as instructions, guidelines, foreign languages, recipes, cooking instructions, nutritional information or promotions. Etiquette are one of the UK’s few “complete” Labelling Solutions Providers meaning that, whatever your labelling requirements, we are here to help, advise and supply. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at




New printed labels for Daler Rowney ltd


Fresh off the Etiquette presses are these new labels for Daler Rowney ltd who supply and manufacture art materials from Bracknell, United Kingdom. They sell a wide range of artist products such as paints, artist surfaces, brushes and a range of accessories. These radiant green labels were printed using the latest in UV ink technology with an over printable varnish, which allows Daler Rowney to print variable information on them as and when required.For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Labels


For over 20 years Etiquette has built a reputation on, supplying the highest quality labels available. Whether you need direct thermal or thermal transfer labels we have a solution for you. Many of the UK and Europe’s largest companies choose Etiquette as their label supplier because of the superior quality of our products and outstanding customer service. You may be asking yourself what is the difference between thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels?

The type of labels that you require will depend on the type of printer you are using. Thermal transfer labels require your printer to be fitted with a ribbon and it is the ink from this ribbon which is transferred using heat from the printhead to create dark or vibrant print with a long lasting finish. Various label and ribbon combinations can be used to give you the best results for your products. Direct thermal labels do not use a ribbon. Instead the label surface is coated with a heat reactive layer which turns black when in contact with the heat from the printhead.

If you are still unsure of what labels you may require for your printer you can contactour sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Food labels


For many years now Etiquette have been accredited with The Global Standard for Food Packaging and Packaging Materials, known as BRC / IoP which stands for British Retail Consortium, Institute of Packaging. This is a standard that allows manufactures to produce food labels in accordance with the requirements for all major supermarkets across the UK, thus ensuring your products get maximum exposure on shelves across the nation. Our services are aimed at retailers and manufacturers of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting out as a business and need help and advice with specification completion, or a global brand requiring complex multi-lingual solution Etiquette can help you. With over 20 years’ experience in labels and labelling we can put ourselves in your shoes and treat your products as if they were our own. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Beverage Labelling


At Etiquette we can print labels for a vast majority of products like Beer, Wine and Spirits using our state Flexographic and Digital presses are enhanced with cold foil stamping, specialist varnishes and award winning quality. Beverage labels are an important way of marketing your product and providing important information for your consumers. Our established reputation as the UK’s independent experts in labels and labelling thanks to our high quality labels and customer service that is second to none.  We have decades of experience in the supply and manufacture of self-adhesive beverage labels and supply some of the UK and Europe’s biggest companies with labels for their products. Etiquette understand the needs of our customers and our experienced Sales Team is always on hand to provide no-obligation advice and consultation regarding any label query that you may have.  To find out how Etiquette Labels Ltd can assist your business call us today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

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