Consider your Packaging Container

When deciding how to make your product stand out on the retail shelf, the label is obviously very important, but your choice of container will also have a big impact on the visibility of your product. There are literally thousands of containers to choose from – where do you start?

I would always start by looking at your competitors. You don’t necessarily need to have a very different container. In fact if their packaging is very plain you could choose a similar container and use the product label as a way to really stand out. Alternatively, you could choose an innovative container shape that will become part of your brand. This is the route that Method has done with their product containers with significant success. Or you could use an unusual container with an eye-catching label to really stand out from the crowd.

At the same time you are choosing your container you should also consider the kind of label you want. What size of label is best? Do you want a front and back label, a wraparound label, clear or white? These are the questions you need to ask. Another important factor is the shape of the container. If you have a really curved container you may be limited to the size of the label. Your label needs to be applied to a flat surface in order to avoid wrinkling. You also need to be aware of where your container starts to taper in as it rounds at the bottom – you will need to keep your label above the taper line.

Most packaging companies will be happy to send you sample containers so feel free to experiment first. You could narrow it down to two or three containers and then request a hard copy proof with your label order and stick one of the label proofs on each container to see what looks best.

Give Beverages a Refreshing Makeover

Not much goes better with barbecue on a hot day than an ice-cold beverage, whether it’s bottled water, a bottle of frothy beer or a chilled bottle of white wine, as all are perfect for sitting outside on a warm day and staying refreshed. Here are a few ways manufacturers and consumers can work with the etiquette team to create refreshing beverage and custom beer labels that effectively market a company, product and gathering: As practical as bottle labels are to promoting manufacturers’ and consumers’ events and messages while still remaining attractive, it is imperative they are informative as to the nature of the product and its ingredients. This is certainly important for alcoholic beverages, but applies to all beverages. Not all  labels for bottles are created the same, which is why it’s important for manufacturers and consumers alike to do their homework when designing and ordering labels to adorn beverages on shelves and at festive events this spring and summer. Make sure the labels can withstand ice bins, heat and picking fingers – the last thing people need are remnants of messy labels and ink all over their hands, especially when they’re celebrating and eating with family and friends. For more details on choosing the right label material for your beverage you can contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:


5 questions to ask yourself about how to sell your product


  1. Who is your core consumer?
  2. What is the competitive environment for your product packaging?
  3. How does your consumer shop?
  4. What is your packaging’s USP – Unique Selling Proposition?
  5. What are the consumer hot buttons that your packaging must reflect?

Thinking about these questions will help you analyze your product’s packaging. Whether you are just getting started with your packaging, or have an established product, it is always useful to consider the impact your packaging is having on your current and potential customers.

Tasty Tubs Pik n Mix Labels

The Tasty Tubs products are sure to be flying off the shelves as Etiquette have again added another set of superb labels to their already extensive catalogue. The artwork  for these unique labels was produced by the Etiquette team. The shape and vivid colours are sure to catch the eye of the shopper.

These labels are printed using the latest in UV ink technology with a three and two colour finish respectively;  including black, yellow, and cyan with its counter part sporting a green and black finish. Showing once again that Etiquette has no boundaries when it comes to quality labels, always producing labels to such a high standard no matter the demand. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Using Labels Differently

Many companies view labels as advertising tools — they help the brands encourage customers to choose their products over the competition. However, businesses that use labels solely for this purpose may be missing other opportunities as well. Nowadays, new technology enables brands to leverage product labels in ways that engage consumers beyond first glance. For example, quick-response codes could be pasted on the front or reverse sides of labels to give consumers more information on products or special discounts. Meanwhile, other brands have instituted reward or loyalty programs for collecting product labels, further encouraging customers to purchase their goods. The key is to think outside of the box. What could you do differently with your labels, as apposed to your customers? Consumers have a number of different product choices available to them. Using labels in unique ways can help your brand stick out from their competitors and capture more sales.

Labels for the Visually Impaired

Creating an eye-catching label is important for many reasons, but one may be often overlooked. Have you thought of creating visually exciting can labels that are geared towards the visually impaired? The fact is people with vision problems often put down products that they have difficulty reading. It’s not always the graphics that can have an impact on your potential customers; it just may be the style and size of your text. Let’s face it, the information you are displaying is just as important as the branding images you use.  There is a definite concern from people who wear glasses and have issues with small print on labels. Make it lively, the more creative the better. The truth is you don’t have to have vision problems to appreciate reader friendly text on a product. The quicker and easier your potential customers can get the information they are looking for the better. Whether it’s a supermarket or a retail store, shelves are packed with products all vying for the attention of the customer. Big and bold is always a stand out, naturally. Think of all the appreciation you will garner from those who have a little or a lot of trouble distinguishing the most basic of information on the product labels they see. It’s a great way to gain the attention of a whole lot of people out there who are asking for your assistance. Informational slogans that represent the essence of your brand and are easily read, are a definite way to make your product known to the visually impaired.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Earth Day

When you make environmentally friendly products, it’s important to support these efforts with green packaging practices. To help companies with green missions achieve their goals, and with today being Earth Day, now is the ideal time for brands to try out a new labeling strategy. Changing labels can get shoppers’ attention, and green labels are a good way to promote environmentally sound practices. When you use an eco-friendly option, you can include a note about packaging on the label to inform customers that they are making a smart choice. Green labels send a message that companies are truly committed to sustainable practices. Customers are more environmentally conscious than ever and going green could help you attract an entirely new customer base.

Incorporate an Image to your Label to stand out

Incorporating images into a product’s packaging can serve a variety of purposes. Adding photos, logos and other visual components can attract shoppers. Whether perusing products online or aimlessly strolling down store aisles, consumers are more likely to pay attention to bold, unique images on labels than basic text. Because packaging should reflect the quality of the product, images can give consumers a better idea of what a product is all about. Images can play a vital role on labels. It is important to remember that product labels are relatively small. No matter how visually stimulating an image is, if it’s too detailed to be understood from several feet away or through a computer screen, it may confuse consumers. It’s a good idea to keep images simple but bold to give your product a better chance of standing out from the crowd. The most simple brand logos are usually the ones consumers remember most. Producers and companies want their products to stand out from competitors, both online and in stores. Unique, intriguing photos can attract consumers and make them pick up a product or click a link for more information. Experiment with ideas on what image can represent your product or business, to add real shelf appeal. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Tell a Story with your Labels

Tell a Story with your labels, why not tell customers how is the product special? How is it made? Where is it made? How was it originally conceived? The answers to these questions may be the source of a compelling nature or a short anecdote that can be can added to your labels. Customers will appreciate the touch, giving them some insight into the company behind the products. Why not consider  including a blurb about why the company is dedicated to health as well. If a product has natural or organic ingredients, make sure it’s clearly stated on product labels, as more consumers are looking for these characteristics when shopping online and in stores. Placing an image on product labels is also a great way to catch shoppers’ attention in stores and online. As they browse through items, they’re likely to spend more time examining and considering ones that have intriguing and unique photos or illustrations. These images may feature the healthy ingredients in a product or depict how the brand fits into an active lifestyle. Just remember to choose visual aspects that are discernible in small format and from far away! For any more information on labels you can contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Research your Market

Before label printing begins, know what customers want. One of the best ways to determine how consumers will react to your product packaging is simply by asking them. Relying on focus groups often proves beneficial for brand marketers during the conception stages of a new product idea, whether you are going to create your own bottle labels, jam, sweet or anything else. Research tools can also help you gauge firsthand how consumers will react to label printing designs. It is also important to keep an eye on how much each element of the process will cost. Remember that creating the perfect label can take time, as you want to ensure your design is perfect for your products. If you have any queries contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Eco-Friendly Labels

While using the right materials is important, there’s more to eco-friendly marketing than just sustainable labelling. Environmentally conscious consumers really engage with a brand’s identity, and a big part of that is the story that led them to create the product in the first place. Before creating a labelling strategy, your company should draft a mission statement or a story that demonstrates why you decided to start distributing your product. What niche are you filling with your green products, and why do you feel it’s necessary to do so? Write out a short passage that demonstrates both your commitment to the environment and your company’s mission. This will get your customers interested in your company, not just its products.

Choosing the right Label Applicator

It can be quite tricky choosing the right label applicator for your needs. To help you make the right decision for your business Etiquette have a youtube channel dedicated to helping you make the right choice. The youtube channel has demonstration and installation videos on the wide range of applicators offered by Etiquette labels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to label a few hundred of your products or a million of your products there are videos that can steer you on the right path. From Print and Apply Labeller installations in high-speed food production facilities to automatic application system installations in industrial fabrication industries, Etiquette can provide the solution to any labelling requirement. Etiquette prides itself on providing expert independent advice on Label Application Machines, Solutions, and Systems. If you are looking for Label Applicators to automate then contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Expanding the Etiquette Fleet

The Etiquette fleet has expanded with the addition of the new Etiquette truck that arrived today, livery and all. The addition of the new truck will help Etiquette get labels to you faster. Etiquette have always taken pride in the quality of its work from start to finish, always delivering quality labels to it’s customers. The New truck has a sleek and pristine finish just like labels produced by Etiquette. You can give the driver a friendly wave if you happen to see  them on your travels up and down the UK, delivering labels on time every time, as Etiquette continue to do a great deal in labelling. If you have any enquiries about Etiquette and services it offers then you can contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Design Vintage Labels

With design trends now looking back at past era’s. Why not design your labels to look vintage and stand out from the modern crowd to add real shelf appeal – moving away from a forward-facing trend to one which looks back.Vintage design has been revived and has taken the baton from the well-underway retro revival and rewinds a few more decades to put a modern spin on an era of classic design. Adding a real feel of nostalgia and heritage could be the key element that sets your product apart from other competitors. Labels don’t have to conform and all look the same, take advantage of this and stand apart from the crowd. If you need any help with choosing your labels, get in contact with Etiquette. With over 20 years of experience in the labelling industry we can provide you a great deal in labelling. You can contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Labels that last

At Etiquette we can produce a wide variety of labels, on a wide variety of materials. It can be hard to choose what material you may need for your label, and creating labels that last requires durable materials. In some cases your product labels may be exposed to water, the outdoor elements or even chemicals. If this is the case then you will want to make sure that your branding information shows through no matter what environment your product is in. Polyester or Polypropylene labels  are usually the right choice for products that need to stand up to hard conditions or excessive handling, the packaging should remain pristine. Having a label that stays put doesn’t just benefit the brand, it also helps to ensure consumers will return to your products time after time. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Print and Apply Labelling

Etiquette has an unrivalled knowledge of labelling and how labels and as the UK’s experts we can offer solutions to almost any situation. If your company wants to reduce downtime and improve productivity due to the high demand of products or tighter deadlines, then you should consider investing in a print and apply labelling machine from Etiquette. Businesses have been faced with the need to manually print, peel, and apply each and every label. Print and apply label systems reduce the need for personal interaction and combine the steps into one swift action. Whether you work in the food and beverage industry, healthcare industry or automotive industry Etiquette can tailor a solution to your needs. Boasting unmatched after sales care really sets Etiquette apart from the competition. Through improved efficiency, enhanced accuracy in printing and application, these new systems will prove to be a valuable asset to your business no matter the industry sector. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Food and Soft Drink Labels

When it comes to products like soft drinks and food most people are initially drawn in by the label. If you know how to design a food label that’s special it’s sure to set your product apart from the competitors. If your product label is eye catching it will grab the customers attention. The truth is that boring labels will get passed by on the shelves for something that is more intriguing and appealing to the eye. Designing a label that draws a customer in ensures your label will help sell the product. Nutritional information is also important, especially if you’re selling products. There needs to be information like how many calories there are per serving, sugar and carbohydrates​ content and other nutritional requirements to adhere to regulatory standards. Designing food labels does not have to be boring. This is a project you can have fun with and take pride in. Come up with inventive ways to make your product stand out from the crowd. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Labelling solutions from Etiquette

If you’re thinking of printing your own labels, or want your labels to be printed for you, Etiquette provide a wide range of solutions. Everything from sandwich labelling kits, bottle and jar labelling machines, printers for your very own custom labels, software that can help you design your own labels, even printed tape for your packaging to give you the complete livery that you need. At Etiquette we specialise in the manufacture of and printing of labels. With over 20 years of experience behind us we can offer a solution to any labelling need. We understand that every label is different and that everybody has different needs for their label requirements. This is why etiquette offer complete solution packages. Whether you are just starting out and have a small capacity for labels, or if you’re a worldwide company with a high usage of labels, here at Etiquette we can cater for all your labelling needs. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Easter Labels


Easter is right around the corner. When people are shopping for great deals on Easter basket treats, gifts or products, a cheery and unique Easter design may be just the ticket to grab their attention. Consider printing a limited run of Easter-themed labels that can be affixed to products, then removed later if necessary. These custom labels may be especially beneficial and attractive to customers if they can double as gift tags, which make basket-stuffing and gift-gifting easy. You can remind consumers that Easter only comes once a year by offering limited runs of Easter labels, whether these printed labels offer unique designs on standard products or are affixed on items that can only be found around Easter time. For any help you require with your Easter labels or any other labels for that matter contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Sometimes less is more.

Do you think this less-is-more concept applies to your product(s)? Think about the colours, content and the design of your labels. Would fewer colours or even just a plain black-and-white label make your product stand out against other competitors? Would a simple, bold design make the product more memorable than other all singing and dancing competitors? When designing your label, remember to think about how will your colour scheme impact the labels printing prices and turnaround? What essential content must be included in the labels content, either for regulatory compliance or in the interest of full disclosures to consumers? Generating a multitude of ideas will help you decide on what look is right for your label. There are no right or wrong answers.  It’s a matter of how to stand out against your competitors. The picture above  is perfect example of how less can be more with a few innovative ideas. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

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