How to keep your labelling costs down

How to keep your labelling costs down

Less is well, less

Thinking of creating a crazy colourful label?  You might want to think again.  The more colours you include into your label design the more flexographic colour plates you’ll have to buy, keep it simple with the use of two or three colours instead of 10.  If you put your creative head on you could create a fantastically eye-catching design with minimal colour injection!

Order larger quantities

Surely if you purchase a bigger amount of labels you’ll pay more?  Not necessarily, think of the economies of scale.  The larger the label quantity the bigger the deal you can secure.  If you know you’re label won’t be redesigned within the next few months or longer, then why not order them in advance and save yourself some pennies?

Basic cutter shapes

Your printed labels don’t have to be a quirky shape to catch the eye of your customer, it’s all about the design.  Invest some serious time in your logo and label design and keep it on a basic cutter shape such as a square or a rectangle.  The basic cutter shapes are always on site here at Etiquette so you won’t have to buy your cutter, helping create a lower cost for yourself once again.


Still concerned about pricing?  Don’t hesitate to contact our expert sales team on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

Printed labels for Monty’s Brewery

Printed labels for Monty's Brewery

These beautifully elegant printed labels for Monty’s Brewery effortlessly capture the winter months with the blue and black combination generating a stark colour contrast.  Based in Wales, Monty’s Brewery is one of our favourite customers!  Having won two Great Taste Awards for their ‘Moonrise’ and ‘Old Jailhouse’ ales this year already, Monty’s are having no problems continually making themselves heard amongst the world of beer.

If you have labels to print, contact our expert sales team today for a free quotation on 0845 222 0354.

Etiquette TTP-245C Desktop Label Printer

With 203 dpi print resolution and print speeds of up to 6 inches per second the TTP-245C label printer from Etiquette is the ideal solution for low to medium volume labelling applications. With outstanding connectivity and enhanced memory options the TTP-245C guarantees all printed labels will be of the finest quality.

For more information about our label printers visit our desktop printers section of our Etiquette website or contact our expert sales team direct on 0845 222 0354.

Pasty anyone? Printed labels for Cornish Bakehouse

Printed labels for Cornish Bakehouse

Founded in St. Ives in 1996 the award winning Cornish Bakehouse provides quality pasties to the nation across their 15 stores.  They offer a selection of pasty fillings, from Premium Steak to Chicken to Beef and Stilton Pasties.  Their printed labels emphasize a traditional Cornish pasty with the use of black, red and white colours the label is kept bold and simple, the ribbon across the middle of the label helps draw the customers eye to the trustworthy nature of the company.

For more information about our printed label service, contact our expert sales team direct on 0845 222 0354.

Online shopping at Etiquette

Visit our Etiquette online store!

The majority of us love a good shop online for all kinds of items from clothing to food and all that’s in-between – so why should it be any different when it comes to your labelling products?  We’re always here to help – just a phone call away, but if you know what your business needs or maybe you are simply replacing a label printer or perhaps upgrading your Labelview software, cut to the chase and go direct to our online store.

With a variety of products offered on one screen, from hand labellers and barcode scanners to PDAs and printheads, we’ve got everything label-related your business needs and what’s better it’s right at your finger tips!

Visit the Etiquette Online Store or if you prefer to chat, contact our expert sales team direct on 0845 222 0354.

Printed labels for SlimBay

Printed labels for Slim Bay

These contemporary labels are fresh of the press for SlimBay – Affordable Weight Loss Solutions.  We have printed labels for their various flavoured supplements including Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketone and African Mango Extra Lean.  The labels are printed with striking colours, and with the use of gloss white synthetic material and silver foil each label will easily stand out to all potential customers.

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Products to label? Visit

Visit our labelling machine website

From label software design and manual label applicators to print and apply labellers and label rewinders and unwanders – we’ve got your needs covered with  With decades of experience in the installation of labelling machines and label applicators into a wide variety of working environments, Etiquette can ensure a high quality service with a suitable solution to any of your labelling requirements.

Visit our labelling machine website for guidance labelling machines and systems in general or to browse our many products, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our expert sales team on 0845 222 0354 or email them at

3 benefits of using labels


Folders with plain labels on

There are many reasons labels are used throughout day to day life, they aren’t just so people can identify with your product!


Labels are widely used in admin/office environments for efficiency when it comes to letterheads and general admin tasks, helping the office staff manage more efficiently with their work load.


Dis-organised office? Labels are also widely used in their simplest form – for labelling files, documents and anything that needs to be kept tidy and uniform,an organised office – an organised mind!


Safety labels are constantly used to help with security and help highlight if the situation requires caution or is possibly hazardous.


If your business needs an injection of efficiency or organisation contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354.

Handmade Lemon Curd from Cooper’s Hill

Printed labels for Cooper's Hill

Fresh off the press! These printed labels for Cooper’s Hill are refreshing and quirky, helping the customer clearly identify the contents of the jar from the off.  The message is simple yet modern, the green and white colours create a bold statement and the light green checkered background gives the label an overall wholesome and organic feel.

For more information about Cooper’s Hill visit their website and for more information about our printed labels service, call our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354!

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