Rehab London – a natural men’s grooming range

Printed labels for Rehab London

Made from natural botanical ingredients and essential oils, the products from Rehab London have a fresh and vibrant approach to the male grooming scene, offering a range of products from facial scrubs to moisturisers.  With all packaging being recyclable and an anti-animal ethic, Rehab London shout about their friendly personality through their bright and easily identifiable logo.  The labels printed by Etiquette for Rehab London (above) contain a QR (quick response) code, the QR code helps the customer immediately connect with the brand through a smart device, whether it be through a mobile phone or a tablet with a camera.  Even without the QR code the brand have established themselves as a fresh alternative for men who wish to look their very best.

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Freshly laid! Charming labels for Clarence Court eggs

Clarence Court blog image

‘Fabulous eggs by fabulous birds’ is the impressionable tagline for Clarence Court.  Priding themselves on high-quality eggs, their printed labels reflect this quality superbly.  Located in Cornwall, the company offer a wide selection of eggs, from Ostrich and Turkey to Goose and Duck – their range couldn’t be more varied!  The products of Clarence Court can be purchased in many stores up and down the country including, Waitrose, Harrods and Morrisons.  The labels carry a traditional and modern design, with a classic image of the hens coupled with the contemporary use of fonts and colours, this is what will help the brand stand alone from others.

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Zebra® labels, printers, ribbons and more…

Zebra printers

As the UK’s leading reseller of Zebra® products, Etiquette supply the complete range of Zebra® printers, from the G-Series Desktop Printers and the Z-Series Mid-Range Printers to the S4M and High Performance Printers.  Read more about all the different Zebra® products here on our website

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Why you should have a label printer at home

Desktop label printers blog post imageAre you creative?  Desktop label printers aren’t just for offices and business in general, they can be used by anyone for making all kinds. From customising your own labels to printing off addresses for letters, cards and other fun crafty tasks!  Any fonts and colours you have stored on your PC can be printed onto your labels giving you the ability to create unique designs.   With the ability to read a varied number of texts, graphics and photographs, a Desktop Label Printer is an affordable and space-saving addition to your existing home computer setup.

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Flexographic vs Digital printing

Flexographic vs digital blog imageThere are so many choices to make when you are having labels printed, one of these choices will be choosing between flexographic and digital printing.  We’ve listed a few benefits of both processes below to help you figure out exactly what is it you want!

Flexographic printing

Enhanced durability – if your product has a long shelf life or is for outdoor use, flexographic would be the decision for you.

Low cost – If you are having a large amount of labels printed the end sum will come out a fair bit lower than it would if printed digitally.

Precision of colour – You will achieve exact matches of colour with the use of the Pantone Colour System.

Digital printing

Low cost – If you are having a small amount of labels printed the digital process will be cheaper.

You can tweak your design easily.

Faster turnaround than flexographic as the process does not require printing plates and therefore reduces set-up time.


If you are still unsure as to whether digital or flexographic printing is the way to go, contact our sales team for advice on 0845 222 0354.

Printed labels for Kilco

Printed labels for Kilco

Increasing standards of food production all over the world, Kilco is one of the best in it’s industry field, offering a wide range of products to maintain biosecurity, animal health and dairy hygiene.  Fresh off the press, the white background of the label gives a clean, trustworthy and clinical impression and the boldness of the blue and orange colours help the brand stand out amongst competitors.

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5 points to consider when designing your printed labels

Products with labels

When a product is created, the first thought is of course what is going into this bottle/jar/carton, the flavour, the appeal and of course the difference between your product and an existing product on the market.  Sometimes your product label can become an afterthought, so we’ve listed a few considerations to take into account when designing your label and why you should be bumping this task higher up your list of priorities!

  1. Customers can’t see the taste or the contents of your product until they have picked it up, therefore your label should be eye-catching and memorable to help entice your customer – no customer, no sale!
  2. Don’t over complicate your label design, simple and bold can help you stand strong amongst competition.
  3. Conduct some basic market research, check out your competition, what colours are they using?  Which one stands out the most and why?
  4. Communicate with other departments in your company effectively, include marketing and sales teams in decisions – after all they have the most customer contact and market knowledge.
  5. Make sure your product comes across clearly in your label design, if your product label doesn’t instantly spell out what is inside  the chances are your potential customers won’t hang around to find out.

Here at Etiquette we understand that your label is the face of your product, that is why we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality printing service to help you achieve an end product to be proud of.  To obtain a quote for your printed labels or for more information about our printing service contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or visit the printed labels section of our website.

Product catalogue redesign at Etiquette

Etiquette to launch new product catalogue

Here at Etiquette we are constantly looking to improve how our services and our products speak to you, the customer.  Therefore we have decided to redesign our entire product catalogue!  The redesign will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to browse through our products, read about the high-quality services we can provide, and it will also give you the opportunity to read a little bit about Etiquette itself.  The catalogue will be available to browse directly online and will also be available for download in PDF (Portable Document Format), so you can save it to your personal computer desktop and browse through whenever you like.

Keep checking our Twitter account or our Etiquette blog for more catalogue updates!  In the meantime if you have any questions or queries about any of the services provided by Etiquette, contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354.

Jars to label? Visit our Jar Labels site

Jar labelling kit from Jar Labels

If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective way to label your jars then the Jar Labelling Kit is the perfect solution for you.  The kit helps you to produce your own jar labels and jar label printing, on demand, in house,  and in the quantities that you require.

Using the LX400 Colour Label Printer from Primera, the Etiquette Jar Labelling Kit enables you to print full colour, photo quality jar labels for your speciality products on demand. Utilizing the latest Inkjet Technology, the Primera LX400 will produce bright, attention-grabbing jar labels and jar label printing up to 4 inches wide at 4800 dpi resolution on high gloss, semi gloss, or matt finish self adhesive material. The LX400 uses jar labels manufactured on rolls instead of on sheets, meaning that buying expensive sheets of labels for your sheet-fed inkjet printer is a thing of the past. There are a range of pre-cut label sizes to choose from or we can even make your jar labels to order!

If you would like more information about the Jar Labelling Kit then visit our website at or contact our sales team directly on 0845 222 0354.

Fresh is best! Printed labels for Chompers Catering

Printed labels for Chompers Catering


Located in Winchester, Chompers Catering has been going strong since being founded in 1985.  Starting in a small shop on Southgate Street, Winchester the company now offer their catering services around the nation and beyond, from pre-wedding breakfast buffets to light business lunches and all that’s in between.  Their label design certainly inspires the words fresh and vibrant which easily tessellate with their mantra ‘We believe fresh is best’!

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Reasons why you need printed tape

Vinyl, polypropylene and low noise printed tapes

Printed tape is surely just the industrial equivalent of sticky tape? You ask, wrong, printed tape, when used correctly can be so much more.  Read on to find out why you should be purchasing printed tape for your business:


Printed tape, put simply, is a tool that allows your business to advertise inexpensively.  If used on all your outgoing packages your tape can become synonymous with your brand.


Most designs are not a problem to reproduce onto your chosen tape, so don’t let your design hold you back!

Last but not least

Your customer knows where there delivery is from, this will make a great impression and can make your company more appealing and trustworthy to customers.


For more information about our selection of printed tapes visit  or contact our sales team on 0845 222 0354.



5 modern label designs for inspiration

From food products to events and all that’s in between, the majority of companies require labels, so we’ve collected together a varied selection of modern label designs to help inspire the creation of your labels!

Park Hall Pig Racing Labels

These bright blue printed labels were produced for a pig racing event held at Park Hall in Oswestry in Shropshire, eye-catching and friendly, the perfect combination for the family event.

Printed labels for Aspens

These labels were printed for Aspens, an independent contract catering company working closely with schools, colleges and business clients spanning the nation.  It is therefore imperative that the labels display a fresh, clean and trustworthy impression.

Printed labels for Kentish Pip Cider

These striking printed labels were printed for Kentish Pip and their new flavour of cider, based on Woolton Farm near Canterbury, Kent, Kentish Pip have designed a label that is eye-catching and one that directly speaks to their target market.

Printed labels for Jaimes Kitchen

Supplying the locals with all kinds of lunchtime delights, an independent sandwich company Jaimes Kitchen, is situated on the Isle of Man.  With the label design capturing a simple and classic elegance, this label is sure to help highlight Jaimes Kitchen as a sandwich competitor.

Printed labels for Newsbeat

Also located on the Isle of Man is the Newsbeat Convenience Stores.  Their labels are perhaps on of the more modern designs, with at first glance a fairly simplistic design, the quirky design of the letter ‘e’ instantly makes the label more eye-catching.  The colours, used together help create a bold statement for the convenience stores.

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Need a Semi-Automatic Bottle Label Applicator? Read on!

Need to label your bottles? Then look no further!  The Etiquette Label X JR TR Semi Automatic Bottle Label Applicator applies self adhesive labels to a multitude of cylindrical containers. With its fast, fluid motion, accuracy and reliability, this labelling machine improves productivity in any production line and is available from Etiquette now.

If you want to know more about our semi-automatic bottle label applicator or just have questions in general about our Etiquette products, contact our sales team directly on 0845 222 0354 or email them

Etiquette and our social media presence

Social media image

Here at Etiquette we love interacting with our social media following, particularly on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.  To keep up to date with our products and all the printed labels straight off the press, follow us across our social media network where we post links directly to our latest Etiquette news!

Images can look great on Facebook so that’s why we are sure to take the best quality product images to deliver directly to you via Facebook.  If you’d like to see our machines in action visit our YouTube channel where you can browse a wide selection of machinery and if you have any questions or if you’re interested in obtaining a quotation, don’t hesitate to contact our expert sales team – they’re always happy to help! You can contact them directly on 0845 222 0354 or email them at


The PandA Cube – the new series of print and apply labelling systems

The PandA Cube

As the UK’s independent experts in labels and labelling, Etiquette prides itself on providing the reliable and cost-effective solutions that allow our customers to meet the demands of the ever-changing world of packaging. When it comes down to machinery there are three words on most purchasers lips – quality, price and reliability.

The PandA Cube control panel

In response to both the financial difficulties and the general demands from our customers, Etiquette has introduced PandA series of Print and Apply Labelling Systems, the latest of the series being the PandA Cube.

Historically, customers have needed to invest in a dedicated machine for label application in each position, such as Front of Pack, Top of Pack, Side of Pack etc.  However the new PandA Cube is a fully integrated system and with changing parts (applicator modules), the system can be customised and configured to apply labels in the most conventional, industry-standard positions. This delivers unrivalled adaptability to those companies who require the printing and application of labels to products where label position is subject to change, enabling these companies to future-proof their production lines without large initial setup costs.  The PandA Cube has been designed and constructed to make it suitable to operate in the harshest working conditions where ingress from airbone particulate needs to be minimised in order to protect the electromechanical sub-assemblies and components of the printer applicator, this helps further increase the flexibility of the machine.  For example, the print engine and label roll unwind unit are encased in an environmental enclosure with a polycarbonate door.  The PandA CubeProtecting the inner workings of the machine in such a way is of great benefit to the customer as print engine wear and printhead damage are drastically reduced, resulting in minimal applicator downtime and an increase in productivity.

Reliable operation and print accuracy are of paramount importance in today’s packaging applications, this is due to the demands placed on suppliers by major retailers and supermarkets where stringent quality control and precise scanning of barcodes on outer-case labels leaves no margin for error.  In fact, scan errors due to poorly printed or unreadable barcodes often result in a complete rejection of delivery, leaving suppliers with pallet loads of unwanted products and a damaged reputation.  The protective construction of the PandA Cube ensures that this problem is eradicated as the print engine will perform with additional reliability and accuracy than other machines presently available on the market and is engineered to effortlessly integrate into any production environment. Etiquette Sales and Marketing Director Tom Bunce said:

“We have introduced the PandA Cube as the most versatile Industrial Print and Apply labelling solution available, for such a modest capital outlay.  Flexibility in 21st century production environments is paramount to staying ahead in today’s competitive world, but even so, interest in this machine has been beyond our expectations.”

For more information about the range of machinery from Etiquette visit or call our expert sales team on 0845 222 0354.

Printed Labels for Yum Yum

Printed Labels for Yum Yum

These printed labels for Edinburgh based sandwich company Yum Yum are fresh and vibrant.  The use of the yellow and burgundy tones helps the brand approach their customers with a friendly yet quirky-contemporary attitude.  Printed using the latest UV inks, these labels are sure to help Yum Yum sandwiches stand out.

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