Printed labels for SCATS Countrystores

Printed labels for SCATS Countrystores

With the head office of SCATS Countrystores based in the idyllic county of Devon, there couldn’t be a more perfect setting for a countrystore. Selling everything from equestrian equipment and clothing to agricultural and farming products, SCATS Countrystores sell to the nation across 18 stores which can be found scattered around Southern England and Wales.  The above labels conform to the generic sales labels with the use of the white and red colours, this helps the customer to instantly recognise a discounted item.

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Freshly printed labels for Aspens

Printed labels for Aspens

These crisp and vibrant labels have just come off the press for Aspens, an independent contract catering company working closely with schools, colleges and business clients spanning the nation.  Aspens high quality service is easily attainable with their use of fresh, locally sourced products and their tailored and cost effective solutions.  Printed in black, green and white using the latest UV inks helps create that eye-popping printed label that many brands desire, the colours also help to reflect their fresh and clean-cut image.

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Label application machine for Princes Soft Drinks

Labelling machine for Princes

A well-established household name spanning generations, Princes Soft Drinks are known for supplying the nation with a wide variety of food and drink products since 1900.  Etiquette are proud to have worked closely with Princes to help manufacture a bespoke non-stop system which will help achieve a high speed and clean cut production line for their well-loved tetra pack juice boxes.  The machine, which can apply labels to 140 products per minute at a speed of 50 metres a minute is made with a mixture of aluminium, stainless steel and painted steel.  The machine is built with two label applicators; the applicators offer an auto-switching functionality which fundamentally eliminates down time, supporting Princes with an efficiently paced delivery of their quality drink products.

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Printed labels for Marlborough Mushrooms

Printed labels for Marlborough Mushrooms

With a goal of conquering the vegetable world by producing the best ever Oyster and Shiitake Mushrooms, it is clear that Marlborough Mushrooms have big ambitions for the future.  Marlborough Mushrooms, winner of the Good Housekeeping Food Award 2012, grow their mushrooms using specialist techniques which helps them gain a real consistency when it comes to volume, appearance and flavour of the mushrooms.  Here at Etiquette we enjoy working closely with our clients, helping them achieve an end labelling result to be proud of.  The labels highlight the traditional vegetable in a classic way with the use of blacks and creams, however it’s their contemporary logo that captures the eye, the mushroom outline helps the brand to achieve a  memorable and trustworthy angle on the much loved food item.

You can often find Marlborough Mushrooms at food festivals in and around Marlborough, Devizes and Hungerford.  For more information on our Label Printing please visit our homepage

Label printing for Monty’s Brewery

Printed labels for Monty's Brewery

These outstanding printed labels have recently come off the presses for one of our favourite customers Monty’s Brewery. Nestled just below the historic market town of Montgomery in Mid-Wales, Monty’s Brewery produces premium quality real ales and has won multiple awards to date including “Great Taste Gold” Stars for a number of their products and the honour of having their flagship “Sunshine” ale chosen as one of the top beers of 2012 by The Independent. With their outstanding reputation in the industry growing and growing, Monty’s looked to Etiquette to help them develop new labels and branding for their bottled products.

After a detailed consultation with Monty’s founders Pam and Russ Honeyman, Etiquette‘s designers set to work at creating modern printed labels that would encompass the brand values of Monty’s, maximise the on-shelf appeal of their products and differentiate them from the usual run-of-the-mill designs associated with rival real-ale producers. Utilising special gold and silver foil materials and 5/6 colour processes in the latest UV ink technology, Etiquette’s team of label printers then realised this design and manufactured the self adhesive labels that add the finishing touch to a great product. At the time of production Etiquette also invited Mr and Mrs Honeyman to attend a tour of its manufacture facility and view their new labels as they were printed on the press and see the skills and techniques that have earned Etiquette an unrivalled reputation for quality printed labels, they said :-

“Watching the finished labels come off the press at Etiquette was a great experience. Chris and the team took the time to show us that they are as passionate about what they do as we are about what we do. The redesign and quality of the print will help the customer to see what a great product we have. Thanks to all the staff at Etiquette for enabling us to realise our vision!”

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Etiquette labels for Great Ness

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An idyllic farm in Shropshire with over 1000 acres of land and an arable farming reputation spanning 57 years, is the perfect combination to create the successful and quality products that Great Ness pride themselves on today.  The quality of their Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oils and their extensive experience certainly speak for themselves.  Producing past products including their Classic Rapeseed Oil and various flavoured oils such as, Lemon, Rosemary, Garlic and Stir Fry Flavour Oils to name a few!  Etiquette are proud to have printed the labels for their new product ‘Drop of Gold’.  The label  highlights yet another fine rapeseed oil to rival others on supermarket shelves, with the logo standing bold with white, green and gold colouring, its simplicity helps the brand capture  the importance of a traditional and memorable label.

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Label printing for All Things Liquorice

All Things Liquorice printed labels

Located in the beautiful city of Bath, Somerset, All Things Liquorice have built a successful business around the delectable treat.  Etiquette are proud to present the eye-catching cream and black labels fresh off the press! Printed using the latest UV inks these labels are sure to help deliver a solid but traditional stance within the world of confectionery.

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