Etiquette printed labels for new range of the “Original Shot in a Tube”

Label printing for the Original Shot in a tubeOn the presses today are these printed labels for a new range of products in the “Original Shot in a Tube” range ( After the runaway success of other products in the range, manufacturer RedsStar Drinks Ltd have launched a new line of angelically sweet and devilishly sour flavours, complete with a new label design. Produced by Etiquette’s expert label printers using the latest UV inks the labels feature the same custom shape and perforation as previous designs in order to adhere to the tubes and provide a tamper evident seal respectively.

Etiquette designs and produces printed labels for Utensa – Manufacturers of Premium Bakeware

Label Printing from Etiquette for Utensa Kingdom Collection premium bakewareOn press today is another fine example of the work produced by Etiquette’s expert label printing team. Created by our in-house design team from a customer briefing, these rectangular self adhesive labels are used for application to the “Kingdom Collection” range from premium bakeware manufacturers Utensa. Printed in the latest UV ink technology these labels are required to feature one of our special removable adhesives that allows the end user to remove the label from a finished product and view instructional information that has been cleverly printed on the adhesive backside. Additionally, a custom varnish is also applied to a specific area of the label facestock that allows operators to overprint variable information such as product codes, batch codes and barcodes.

For more information about the label printing services offered by Etiquette please call our Sales Team on 0845 222 0354 or visit

Printed Labels for the Danish Tennis Federation – Dansk Tennis Forbund

The Danish Tennis Federation has printed labels from Etiquette Labels LtdOn press today are these attractive and colourful printed labels for the Dansk Tennis Forbund (Danish Tennis Federation). These circular labels were created by our experts label printers using premium UV inks on one of our custom materials and they will be used for application on tubes of tennis balls for the federation. For more examples of the quality work we do here at Etiquette please browse other blog posts or visit

Etiquette produces printed and perforated labels for Partridge of Redditch

Partridge of Redditch fishing lures and hooks labelsOn press this morning – Printed Thermal Board Labels for Partridge of Redditch

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fishing hooks and lures since the late 1800’s, Partridge of Redditch has an outstanding portfolio of innovative products. When the need arose to update current product packaging, Partridge of Redditch naturally looked to Etiquette – the independent experts in labels and labelling – to provide a solution.

Products were being packed into small plastic bags with “euro slots” to enable hanging display but the adhesive labels being used to promote the hooks and lures within the bags were proving to be ineffective from a sales perspective and were in fact making it difficult for customers to view the product on offer. After a consultation with Alan Minson of the Etiquette Sales Development team, Partridge of Redditch were provided with a labelling solution that would display their products effectively at the same time as reducing their packaging costs.

Etiquette’s label printing division produced an attractive 3-colour printed label on thermal transfer board material with a perforation at required intervals. This allowed operators at Partridge of Redditch to utilise the Etiquette TTP-245C Printer to overprint variable and descriptive information onto the pre-printed card. The card is then folded at the perforation and inserted into the euro bag. This preferred means of display has meant an increase in sales for Partridge of Redditch and the company has since invested in a larger printer from the Etiquette range in order to cope with demand. The Etiquette TTP-246M Plus Printer is fitted with a cutter that automatically and accurately cuts the card to the required size and its speed of print has led to increased production output and a marked increase in sales.

All thanks to better quality and clearer Labelling from Etiquette.

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