Label printing for The Original “Shot in a Tube” from Shooters UK

Printed Labels from Etiquette for the Original Shot in a TubeOn the presses today are these printed labels for the Shooters UK range of the “Original Shot in a Tube” alcoholic drink products. A cocktail in a tube, the Shooters range is delivered and presented in trays – each containing 72 shots and covering the 8 different flavours. The label printing team at Etiquette manufacture all 8 self adhesive labels and Etiquette also supplies the label application equipment for applying the labels to the product. The tapered shape of the tube means the labels are a custom shape and feature a perforation that acts as a tamper proof seal which activates upon unscrewing the top of the tube. Each label also has a special varnish applied to one side that allows it to wrap around the product and adhere to itself. Produced in the latest UV inks these printed labels have great on-shelf impact thanks to their eye-catching colours and are a great finishing touch to an innovative product.

Printed Labels – New label printing work for Samaritans Charity

Etiquette's label printing team have produced new labels for the Samaritans Charity

More printed labels on press for Samaritans today. The expert label printing team at Etiquette produce these self adhesive labels using the latest UV ink technology on one of our custom materials. The labels feature a special varnish to allow the customer to over-print variable information on their donation packages. Once inspected and re-reeled by our Quality Control department the finished labels will be despatched to the customer.

Label Printing – Fortnum and Mason printed labels from Etiquette

Fortnum and Mason Self Adhesive Labels

It’s been an extremely busy period at Etiquette over the last few months and we’ve produced some stunning printed labels in that time. Take our new self adhesive labels for premium chocolate and confectionery manufacturers “Audrey’s Chocolates” ( who are producing jars of luxury sweets for London’s world famous Fortnum and Mason store.

After being given a brief by Fortnum and Mason, Etiquette’s design team was tasked with creating 3 labels for the product range – 2 wraparound labels for a small and large jar respectively and a circular cap label. Chris Davies, part of the design team at Etiquette said – “After talking to the product development team at Fortnum and Mason it was decided that a wraparound label with a classic and vintage appeal would suit the jar best. We then set about creating a number of examples with 3D representations of how they would look on the final jar and presented them to Fortnum and Mason.”

Once Fortnum and Mason had chosen their favourite design the Etiquette production team began the label manufacture process. Our label printers use the latest in UV ink technology to print the intricate artwork on a special material that is finished with a matt varnish. This varnish is applied as the operators at Audrey’s Chocolates require the ability to use one of Etiquette’s desktop printers to overprint variable information such as product type and ingredients onto the labels. Due to the custom shape of the final label this process was tested by our Technical team and full operational training provided for the staff at Audreys. Keeley Burns, joint owner and Director of Audrey’s Chocolates said – “Both ourselves and Fortnum and Mason are extremely happy with the labels we have had produced at Etiquette. The service we received has been excellent and all departments we dealt with at Etiquette have been very helpful and offered valuable advice to enable us to get this great product onto the shelves.”

As shown in the image above these printed self adhesive labels are another example of the great work we do here at Etiquette and that’s why some of the UK and Europe’s largest producers trust us with their labelling requirements.

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