The Solo for Etiquette standalone labelling system  is a unique keyboard and software solution which allows sophisticated labels to be designed on a PC and transferred to the keyboard for PC-Independent printing. This means that the Solo for Etiquette Labelling system is ideal for warehouses, factories, production and packing areas, mobile applications, or any situation where a PC is unsuitable.


Every aspect the Solo for Etiquette labelling system is designed to ease of use for the operator. Just install the software and plug the Etiquette Keyboard into your PC and you're ready to create your labels.

Each Etiquette Standalone Labelling System includes Solo Studio software - an advanced PC design program allowing you to design your labels in an intuitive WYSIWYG environment. Solo Studio provides intuitive tools for adding barcodes, images, True Type fonts and symbols allowing you to create label templates in minutes and then transfer them to the keyboard at the click of a button.

When it comes to printing your label design, just select the name of the label from the list in the keyboard and enter the required information when prompted on the keyboard display.


Solo Studio offers the same features of other leading PC-based labelling programs with the added benefit of standalone flexibility. The software boasts a wide range of tools and options, giving full control of each printers internal features.

Variable information such as serial numbers, keyboard input and database records can be easily configured using simple, on-screen options. Using Solo Studio's macroscript facility, advanced dynamic features can be added to your label for creating EAN 128 barcodes, SSCC labels, custom check digits, real-time calculations and conditional statements.

Etiquette Standalone Labelling Systems


Etiquette's robust standalone keyboard is powered by the printer and can be used in virtually any situation. Compatible devices include hand-held scanners and weighing scales making the Etiquette Standalone Labelling system a versatile solution with countless applications across many industries including Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Catering, Automotive, and many others.


The Solo for Etiquette standalone labelling system offers a highly cost-effective alternative to PC labelling or outsourcing. Printing labels using the Etiquette Keyboard is so simple and staff can be trained to operate the system in minutes.

  • Print Variable labels without a PC or any programming
  • Unique WYSIWYG Design
  • Powerful Variable Data Features and Database Integration
  • Minimal Maintenance, Training, and Support needed
  • Durable Construction suitable for industrial environments
  • Lightning-fast printing
  • True Type Fonts and Scalable Symbol Library
  • Compatible with external input devices such as scanners and weigh scales
  • Drives most Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printers



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