When running a number of small businesses, the task of label printing can often be a labour intensive and expensive venture. With each premises needing its own dedicated label printers, label software, and computer system, costs can rapidly escalate.  However there is a way in which the costs of label printing can be reduced at the same time as adding increased flexibility to your labelling workflow and that is by introducing a standalone label printer system.

A standalone label printing solution enables businesses to print all the labels needed for multiple outlets without each outlet needing its own computer system and software – all each premises needs is its own printer.

So how is it done?

A standalone label printing system works by means of adding a label printer keyboard and USB Converter Module to the existing print setup. This addition provides the ability to complete all label design work in one place e.g. a head office, then download it to the USB converter module and keyboard. The USB module and keyboard can then be transported to each outlet and connected to the installed label printers. The labels can then be printed instantly using the label printer keyboard with the stored designs as a control device, thus eliminating the need for expensive label software and PC’s in each outlet and resulting in label printing costs being cut drastically. Once the batches of labels for a particular outlet are printed, the Keyboard and USB module are simply disconnected and transported to the next outlet ready to complete the process again.

The added control of a print workflow provided by standalone label printing systems is evident and in these times of economic uncertainty never before have small businesses had more of a need to maintain the quality of their printed labels at the same time as reducing their outgoings. A standalone labelling solution is the first step a business owner can make to achieving this.

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