People like to graze before they buy and graphic impact on the shelf may no longer be enough. Your packaging has to feel right to. Step forward - Tactile Labels. Etiquette provides you with synthetic products with a different touch. Tactile labels are guaranteed to make your products really stand out.


Legislation citates that all substances readily available to the public, identified as "toxic", "very toxic", "harmful", "extremely flammable" or "corrosive", and any aerosol propelled by butane, must have a tactile warning label to alert the blind or partially sighted that they are handling a dangerous product.

Tactile warning labels and hazard warning labels

Etiquette's tactile labels are made in accordance with European Standard BS EN ISO 11683:1997 and are supplied 2,500 on the reel, configured for hand or labelling machine application.


The warning symbol on a Tactile Label is an equilateral triangle with 18mm sides produced by a special process which enables the mark to sit proud on the 25mm diameter clear substrate, to be read in the same way as braille.

Bespoke Label Applicators are not needed to handle tactile labels but machines may need additional change parts.


In addition to working with you to choose the most suitable tactile label type, we can, if required, also advise on a labelling solution that deals with application.

For free, no-obligation advice regarding all aspects of tactile labelling and UK regulation, call 0845 222 0354 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also contact us via our Etiquette Website or request a site visit to our Label Printing facility

You may already be knowledgeable when it comes to your Tactile Labels requirements and have a good idea of the label type most suitable for your project. If so call our Sales Team on 0845 222 0354, or Request a Quotation Online

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Etiquette Accreditation

Etiquette holds accreditation at the highest level of BRC IOP

Etiquette holds accreditation at the highest level of BRC/IOP - the global standard for packaging and packaging materials - and as SEDEX members Etiquette supports sustainable and ethical supply chains.