For the last 30 years, Netherlands-based producers Plusfood have been setting the trend for innovative and high-quality chicken products in the Further Processed Poultry (FPP) field. So much so that Plusfood’s chicken specialities are prevalent in all market segments, from retail to food service. Operating three factories in Europe, sales offices in the Benelux region, the UK, Italy, and Hungary, and with a multitude of clients in many countries across Europe, Plusfood Ltd is now a major player in the European Market.

When leading Supermarket chain Morrisons approached Plusfood’s Wrexham site to produce some of its FPP products, the need arose for a traded unit labelling solution to be installed for the application of outer-case self adhesive labels to boxes at the end of the in-line production process.

With this requirement in mind, Plusfood needed a Labelling Machinery and Systems provider who could manufacture and install a Print and Apply Label Applicator that would perform reliably and avoid causing any unnecessary downtime to their advanced production line.

With 20 years experience as the UK’s Independent Leaders in Labels and Labelling, Etiquette Labels Ltd were naturally the first choice for Plusfood and were able to provide the exact solution for the job – a customized version of Etiquette’s proven PRX 160 AL PLC Print and Apply Applicator complete with SATO® M8460 Print Engine.

Print and Apply Labelling Machine and Label Applicator Installation for Plusfoods LtdPlusfood Ltd Print and Apply Labelling Machine Installation
As well as the need for the application of self adhesive labels to the side of boxes travelling along an existing conveyor, Plusfood also required its operators to have the ability to input fixed and variable data into the printed labels. Etiquette provided the answer in the form of the Etiquette Solo® Keyboard Printer and USB Module. This valuable addition to the PRX 160 AL PLC labelling machine allows the production manager to design label templates with variable data fields in the office, then download them to the Etiquette Solo® Keyboard housed on the PRX 160 AL PLC Label Applicator.  From there, the machine operators can use the keyboard to input the variable data needed (such as best before dates etc) for the labels that are to be applied to the products.

Plusfood Ltd Etiquette Solo Keyboard for Print and Apply Labelling MachinePlusfood Ltd Etiquette Solo USB Module for Print and Apply Label Applicator

With the machine installed by Etiquette’s experienced Engineers it was then time to integrate it into the in-line production process and test how it would perform. Site Manager at the Plusfood Wrexham site Cliff Adderton was more than impressed with the Labelling Machinery and support provided by Etiquette. He said :
“Once we had established the speed of the production line, the label applicator from Etiquette performed reliably and efficiently. Etiquette’s Engineers have been available on-demand throughout the whole process of establishing the machine as part of the production line. To manage our production online and in-line is what we were aiming to achieve and with the help of Etiquette this is the first time we have been able to do that with a labeller.”



The PRX 160 AL PLC Print and Apply Labelling Machine and Label Applicator from Etiquette is a top or side of pack Printer Applicator with the reknowned Sato® M8460 6" Print Engine. Mainly used for the printing and application of self adhesive labels to the top or side of products travelling along a conveyor, the PRX 160 AL PLC includes:

  • Label Roll unwind unit for reels up to 280mm O/D
  • Facility to handle labels up to 160mm wide
  • Print width up to 152mm (6")
  • Print Resolution - 8 dots/mm (203dpi)
  • Print Speed selectable from 100 - 400mm/sec
  • Label Web Break Alarm
  • Thermal Ribbon break or run-out alarm
  • Thermal Head failure alarm
  • Printer Open Alarm
  • Height Adjustable Floor Stand with anti-slide feet and casters
  • Handwheels for Horizontal and Vertical Adjustment
  • Microprocessor Control with LCD Display
  • Variable Dispensing Speed Control
  • Label Flag (pre-dispense) Control
  • Label Dwell Time Control
  • Labels Dispensed Counter (incremental or decremental)
  • Etiquette Solo® Standalone Printer Keyboard and USB Converter Module
  • Warning Beacon for low labels, ribbon out, and printer error messages


If you would like more information regarding the installation of Labelling Machines and Label Applicators, contact us now on 0845 222 0354. We are always available to offer friendly advice for any requirement and will gladly answer any queries customers may have. You can also email your enquiry to
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