GS1 Databar and Barcode Labels

Although barcode labels are a proven tool for recording, tracking, and marking components and products in industry, they are not without limitations. For example on a standard sized label a 2D barcode can only record a limited amount of information, however with the requirements of manufacturers growing rapidly, the limits of these barcode labels are constantly being challenged.

With this in mind, manufacturers are now turning to a revolutionary new system for barcode labels known as GS1 Databar. GS1 Databar enables barcode labels to store more information than existing barcode technology and was initially developed for the supply and retail sector. Another advantage of this solution is that all GS1 Databar barcode labels are compatible with standard scanning technology.

GS1 Databar codes support Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTIN) for the storage of variable data such as batch, expiration date, serial number etc and can be printed on small sized barcode labels. This makes GS1 Databar coded barcode labels ideal for smaller, irregularly-shaped products and ensures the information on these products is traceable throughout the entire production and distribution process.

When a business is contemplating using GS1 Databar coded barcode labels, it is important that the correct printer systems are used. Certain factors need to be considered when choosing suitable barcode label printers – firstly, does the label printer have the capability to print the databar codes? Is the label printer robust enough to withstand use in a busy industrial environment and is the printer going to be cost effective to run. All these things and more need to be considered when implementing GS1 Databar codes into your workflow.

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