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Since their invention in the early 1950s bar codes have accelerated the flow of products and information throughout the global business community. Coupled with the improvements in data accuracy that accompanies the adoption of bar code technology over keyboard data entry, barcode systems are critical elements in conducting business in today’s global economy.

 Barcode technology encompasses the symbologies that encode data to be optically read, the printing technologies that produce machine-readable symbols, the scanners and decoders that capture visual images of the symbologies and convert them to computer-compatible digital data, and the verifiers that validate symbol quality.
 There are many different bar code symbologies, or languages. Each symbology has its own rules for character (e.g. letter, number, punctuation) encodation, printing and decoding requirements, error checking, and other features.

 The various barcode symbologies differ both in the way they represent data and in the type of data they can encode: some only encode numbers; others encode numbers, letters, and a few punctuation characters; still others offer encodation of the 128-character, and even 256-character, ASCII sets.

 A successful barcode system implementation depends upon barcode labels that stick when they should, come off when necessary, and are readable when scanned. For best results, you need the right combination of barcode printers, barcode label software, label stock, and ribbons for your application. Etiquette can provide virtually any kind of label:

 A complete barcode printing solution from Etiquette includes a barcode printer, barcode software and label stock. Sato and Zebra barcode printers are designed for the rigours of day to day operation in an office environment, or on the factory floor.

 Etiquette offers a variety of affordable barcode software packages, and develops custom software applications to work with almost any barcode printer.


Whatever your printing requirements, Etiquette guarantee that we can find the right barcode printer for the job. As the UK's independent experts in labels & labelling, we are not tied to any one brand, or product.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the right tool for the job, and not in selling you a XYZ printer simply because it's who we represent. This makes Etiquette truly unique in the marketplace, and means you have trusted independent advice, on hand, to guide you through your purchase.


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