Booklet Labels are label systems that are designed to increase the amount of copy displayed on any given product.

Due to todays products requiring more information regarding regulation and instruction, important sales and promotional copy is often displaced resulting in a hard to read, and often confusing label. As consumers we all know that unnattractive labels crowded with text often discourage us from making a purchase and ultimately those products carrying this type of label see a vast decrease in sales. Well designed, attractive labels sell your product!

However, as regulation information and instruction is a legal requirement on most products, a solution must be found that enables the label to display this copy whilst at the same time remaining pleasing to the eye of the customer. This solution is Booklet Labels.

Booklet Labels, Foldout Labels and Promotional Labelling

Allowing the manufacturer to display legal and instructive copy on their labels without compromising design or sales message, a booklet label is comprised of a multi-panel foldout leaflet or pamphlet that is laminated to a die-cut pressure sensitive label. It can be resealable or removable and is adaptive enough to fit any container or pack type, ensuring that whatever your product, a booklet label is a good choice for increasing its on-shelf impact.

Booklet labels and leaflet labels construction

The 5 most common uses for Booklet Labels :-

  • Display of Multilingual Text Information on products reducing language specific reprints of packaging
  • Display government required regulatory and legal information
  • Display of promotional coupons and vouchers
  • Product instruction and user advice
  • Direct Mail promotion

The Top 3 Industries where Booklet Labels are currently utilized :-

  • Consumer Products - Food Promotions, Toys and Games etc
  • Health and Beauty - Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics etc
  • Chemical - Agricultural Chemicals, Pesticides, Medical Labels, General Chemical etc.

Other names for Booklet Labels :-

  • Leaflet Labels
  • Extended Content Labels
  • Expanded Content Labels
  • Multi-Panel Labels
  • Multi-Ply Labels
  • Page Labels
  • Multi-Page Labels
  • Expansion Labels
  • Coupon Labels
  • Pamphlet Labels


Do you have a new product that requires extended regulation or instructional information? Are you giving one of your products a promotional push and so require an attached coupon or discount voucher to your label? Do you simply want to increase your sales message to customers and provide them with information about future products? Or do you want to adapt your existing self adhesive label and turn it into something with that little bit extra? These are just a few reasons why Booklet Labels from Etiquette may be the solution you require.

Call us now on 0845 222 0354 and speak to one of our experienced Sales Team about your needs. Customers can also email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Request a Quotation Online. At Etiquette we aim to guide customers through every step of their labelling project to ensure that the final product looks the best it can and is completed at the best price available. Contact Us now!

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