Label Printing – Printed labels for Cafe Quattro from Etiquette

Caffe Quattro label printing from Etiquette

Printed labels on press for another of our food manufacture customers who are doing something that little bit different. Hull-based Cafe Quattro is a currently expanding enterprise aimed at getting young people onto the employment ladder whilst providing premium quality coffee, sandwiches and service. The printed labels illustrated above will be applied to Cafe Quattro products and are printed using the latest UV inks on one of our custom materials. As the experts in self adhesive labels and label printing, Etiquette supplies products to cafe’s and deli’s all over the UK. For more information call our Sales Team on 0845 22 0354 now.

Which? Printed Labels and Label Printing for William Sinclair

Printed labels for award winning compost

Printed labels for one of our award-winning customers on the presses. These oval-shaped self adhesive labels have been produced by our label printers for gardening and horticulture specialist suppliers William Sinclair. They will applied to the “New Horizon” range of Multi-purpose container compost which has been awarded the “Which? Best Buy” prize in both 2010 and 2011. The label printing team at Etiquette manufacture these printed labels using the latest UV ink technology on one of our custom materials and once inspected by our Quality Control department they will be delievered to another happy customer.

Printed Labels for Samaritans Charity from Etiquette Label Printers

Etiquette produce printed labels for The Samaritans charity

On press today are printed labels for a really great cause. Samaritans ( is a confidential emotional support service run entirely by volunteers and dependent on voluntary support. With over 200 branches in the UK and Ireland, Samaritans provide valuable advice and guidance to people suffering from mental disorders such as depression and anxiety and saves lives on a daily basis. Etiquette are honoured to produce printed labels for such an important charity and these will be used to seal and identify various donation packages. To find out more about Samaritans or to make a donation please visit

Printed Labels for the Belton Farm Organic Cheese range from Etiquette Label Printers

Etiquette Label Printers manufacture Printed Labels for Organic produce

Our label printers produce stunning labels for the complete range of Belton Farm Cheese products and these printed labels for an organic range are another example of the fine work we do here at Etiquette. Printed with special water-based inks both the front and back self adhesive labels for this product are manufactured with an adhesive that makes them suitable for application and use in low temperature environments. Once printed they are then inspected by our strict Quality Control Department and prepared for delivery to the customer. The Belton Farm Organic Cheese range is available at Waitrose Stores now.

Printed Labels and Crate Cards from Etiquette for Returnable Transit Packaging

Printed crate cards and printed labels from the UK experts

With 20 years experience in the industry, Etiquette has become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of self adhesive labels and labelling solutions. One such solution we provide is the supply of “crate cards’ for use in Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP).

What is RTP?

In the last decade more and more producers and manufacturers have become aware of the shift in emphasis towards protecting the environment and the implementation of “greener” initiatives in business. Throughout supply chains it was evident that many areas would need attention if they were to become eco-friendly, and the ways in which goods were packaged and transported was a main target for change. The answer came in the form of Returnable Transit Packaging which, by eliminating cardboard, reducing transport costs and increasing stock densities became a dominant distribution format. In-store merchandising and sales-floor presentation was also improved due to the benefits of RTP and as a result the main UK supermarkets now have over 33 million returnable trays in their supply chains. Ranging in size from large bulk pallet boxes to nesting to nesting trays, they are used in a multitude of applications in bakery, fresh produce and many other departments.

Crate Cards for RTP

With RTP used in such vast quantities there is obviously a need for goods to be tracked and identified easily by operators and staff. To combat this RTP trays are manufactured with a display slot into which a printed crate card can be installed and removed with ease. However, as these crate cards carry vital product information and operate in often harsh environments they must be manufactured by professionals such as Etiquette. They are not simply pieces of card that can fashioned from A4 sheets – they must be supplied on the reel ready for the over-printing of variable information that is unique to each product they represent. Over-printing requires a label printer to utilise its sensors to recognise each individual crate card on a reel in order to achieve accurate printing. Crate cards from Etiquette are manufactured accordingly and as illustrated in the image above are produced with a registration mark to the rear that is easily identified by any label printer. Once the variable information such as product codes and best before dates is printed onto the crate card the operator needs to then apply it to its relevant tray ready for transport. To improve efficiency in this area, crate cards from Etiquette can be produced with a perforation that allows the operator to easily remove the printed crate card from the printer/reel and apply it.

In the diverse and often complex industry of labelling, Crate Cards may be seen as simple technology, however with the increase of RTP, they will play a major role in the way the foods and produce are transported for years to come.

Bottle Label Applicator and Labelling Machine for Total Floor Ltd

The Etiquette Label X 250 Bottle Label Applicator and Labelling Machine from Etiquette

Illustrated above is a new Bottle Label Applicator and Labelling Machine build that has been tested, completed and delivered to the customer by our engineering team. The Label X JR TR 250 is a compact, economical and reliable semi-automatic self adhesive label applicator that will be used to label bottles of flooring adhesive product manufactured by our customer Total Floor Ltd ( A small, yet robust machine complete with a simple to use integral control box, the Label X JR TR 250 label applicator is frame mounted and ready to sit on any work surface. Powered rollers rotate the bottle, and the label is dispensed and applied at rotation speed, ensuring an accurate, wrinkle-free, smooth application. The waste backing paper is neatly wound onto a seperate take up spool, and can be discarded at the end of the production run. The machine can accomodate a full roll of labels up to 300mm diameter and the waste take up spool can accomodate the waste backing paper from a full roll of labels. The customer is using this label applicator to apply self adhesive labels to bottles of bonding adhesive for their deck floor laying system. The printed labels were produced here at Etiquette by our label printing team using the latest UV ink technology on a material with a special backing. Once the run of labels was completed and inspected by our quality control department, the customer was invited to visit our demonstration area to observe the labels being tested on the label applicator. Our engineers carried out test runs of application using samples of the customers final product and once satisfied with the performance provided the customer with full operator training for their new labelling machine.

Etiquette Label X 140 EC Label Applicator and Labelling Machine for Calypso Soft Drinks

Etiquette Label X 140 EC Label Applicator and Labelling Machine for Calypso Soft Drinks

Illustrated above is a newly completed Label Applicator / Labelling Machine for Calypso Soft Drinks that has recently been built by our Engineering Team. The Etiquette Label X 140EC is a sophisticated and reliable stepper motor driven, microprocessor-controlled self adhesive label applicator for use on automated production lines. This labelling machine in particular will be used for the side application of printed labels onto shrink-wrapped boxes of fruit juice product. All major parts are constructed principally of stainless steel and anodized aluminium, making this label applicator robust for use in the harshest working environments. Operational parameters such as stop/start, dispensing speed, dwell time and labels dispensed counter are all standard features of the simple to use Touchscreen Electronic Control Box, as is the facility to receive a signal from an encoder or similar device for speed synchronisation.

For more information regarding the Etiquette range of Label Applicators and Labelling Machines please call our Sales Team on 0845 222 0354 or email

Printed Labels from the Expert Label Printers

Taste Buds printed labels from Etiquette

These printed labels for one of our sandwich manufacture customers have been on press today. They will be applied to sandwiches prepared for delivery to customers and are printed in the latest UV inks. Our label printing team produce these printed labels with a special adhesive that enables them to be used in low temperatures, for example in refrigerated transport vehicles.

Etiquette launches Modular Print and Apply Label Applicators and Labelling Machines

Print and Apply Labelling

In the modern labelling market traditional buying motives still apply such as Quality, Price and Reliability. However, due to the current economical climate resulting in financial uncertainties for many businesses and subsequent tightening of budgets, customers are looking for label applicators and labelling machines with lower operational costs and increased flexibility.

In response to these demands Etiquette is launching a new Modular Print and Apply Label Applicator – The Etiquette PRX PE Series. Historically, customers have needed to invest in a dedicated Print and Apply Labelling Machine for each label position, for example Front of Pack, Top of Pack, Side of Pack etc. Our new Modular Print and Apply Labeller delivers increased flexibility to those companies requiring the printing and applying of self adhesive labels to a variety of products where label position is subject to change. With the Etiquette PRX PE Series customers need to invest in only one machine, which, with change parts, can be customised and configured to apply labels in the most conventional, industry-standard positions. The PRX PE Series from Etiquette has also been designed and manufactured with the current issues facing our industry in mind, the main one being the rise in price of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) in the manufacture of thermal transfer ribbons. To address this the PRX PE Series is available with a ‘Ribbon-Saver’ option that can significantly reduce thermal ribbon usage and printhead wear resulting in lower operational costs for the end-user.

To find out more call our Sales Team on 0845 222 0354 or email

Printed Labels – Simply Delicious sandwich labels from Etiquette Label Printers

Printed labels and sandwich label printing from Etiquette

Some more printed labels for use on sandwich product packaging on one of the presses today. Our expert label printers produce these labels in the latest UV inks on a material with an adhesive applied that is suitable for use in low temperatures. As the customer requires the overprinting of variable information via the use of a label printer, these labels have a special varnish applied over the upper quarter that resists abrasion from a printhead and maintains the glossy appearance of the label. This also minimizes wear on the printhead and increases its printing life.

Digital Label Printing – Printed digital labels for Vetenox supplied by Etiquette

Digital label printing and printed labels from Etiquette

As the UK’s experts in labels and labelling, Etiquette are able to provide the right solutions to any requirement. As primarily a flexographic printing facility Etiquette deals mainly with label printing runs in high-volumes and supplies to some of Europe’s largest producers. However, for those customers requiring premium quality labels in smaller runs we are also able to offer a full digital label printing service. Manufactured using the very latest digital printing press technologies our digital printed labels are among the finest in a very competitive industry. The labels illustrated above will be used to launch a new product line of food supplements for the domesticated animal market and so needed the outstanding print detail, quality and turnaround times that Etiquette could offer. Contact Etiquette now to enquire about our Digital Labels.

Label Printing – Etiquette label printers produce more labels for Daler Rowney

Printed labels from Etiquette for Daler Rowney

Our label printers have produced more printed labels for leading fine art material manufacturers Daler-Rowney. The above self adhesive labels are used for products in Daler-Rowney’s specialist range of papers for artists and are printed using the latest UV inks. Additionally they are finished with a varnish that allows the manufacturer to overprint variable information using thermal label printers and enables the end-user to hand write personal information on the label face. These labels are just another example of great work by the Etiquette label printing team – something we have down to a fine art!

Etiquette revamps – The Online Resource for jar labelling and jar label printing is the online resource for jar labelling and jar label printing

As part of the Etiquette Network of websites, benefits from our decades of experience as the leading UK label suppliers. As the online resource for all things jar labels, jar labelling and jar label printing we decided that the old website needed a facelift. Our network is constantly updated and we always aim to provide our customers with all the information and products they need to get their labelling operation off the ground. Check out now!