Printed Labels for Hut 8 Restaurant


Located on Kent University campus Hut 8 restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes cooked on a flame-grill, rustic homemade pizzas and of course the Great British classic fish and chips. Hut 8 features a unique online ordering service which offers delivery around the campus 7 nights a week to hungry students. These circular labels were printed on our very own Mark Andy P4 printing press using UV inks to match the restaurants branding. For more details on printed labels contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Industrial Labels that Continue to Perform


Industrial labels from Etiquette are manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments both in the workplace and beyond. Produced on special materials that allow the label to perform in various types of weather conditions or resist chemicals, abrasions and fluctuating temperatures to ensure that end users are given the correct information.

We produce many labels on special materials for Industrial environments that are required to perform in a variety of situations. Labels from Etiquette guarantee reliable performance with long-lasting print whilst being a cost-effective solution for any business. For more details on printed labels contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

New Labels for Belton Farm’s Multi-Award Winning Red & White Fox Cheeses


We are excited to announce we have printed these new labels for Great British Cheesemaker Belton Farm’s much celebrated Red and White Fox cheeses. The new label and packaging design was unveiled earlier this week at the prestigious International Cheese Awards, where Belton were awarded 7 Trophies, 15 Gold Awards, 12 Silver, 9 Bronze and 5 VHC, an outstanding achievement considering there was competition from over 5500 cheeses by leading producers from around the globe.

The new labels have been designed to modernise the packaging whilst paying homage to Belton’s rich heritage with the retention of their famous tree and fox iconography. The labels were printed on our Mark Andy P4 printing press using specialist gold inks, in addition to multiple UV inks to make the labels standout on-shelf from competitors across the country.

Belton Farm approached Etiquette in the very early conception stages of the research and development and design phases of their rebrand, calling on our expertise and knowledge to ensure the best possible final product labels for their full range of Great British cheeses. Etiquette Marketing Manager, Chris Davies worked closely with the team at Belton Farm to devise a design that is both classic and contemporary, mirroring the ethos with which their award-winning cheeses are created, he said :-

“It was a real pleasure to be involved in creating labels for such an outstanding range of products that hold real esteem in the industry. At Belton Farm, there is a wonderful team with a great family atmosphere, and so much pride is put into the cheeses that are handcrafted on the farm that the final product labels really needed to be something special. Etiquette enjoys a fantastic, open and collaborative relationship with Belton Farm and together I feel we have produced something that hits all the required design cues and provides maximum on-shelf appeal. Once the designs were finalised, the team at Belton Farm paid Etiquette a visit to see our skilled printers bring the labels to life. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the final result and knowing that our customer feels the same makes the hard work all worthwhile.”


Etiquette Labels will be attending the International Cheese Awards tomorrow!


Tomorrow we will be attending the International Cheese Awards which is held every year in Nantwich. The event is separated into 2 days with a trade show where Cheese producers will have their fingers crossed to earn an esteemed award, with the second day open to the public. We have been invited along as special guests of Belton Farm who have a special unveiling to present at the event.

In addition to this there will be more excitement as celebrity Chef’s James Martin, Will Holland, Sean Wilson and Johnathan Harrison will be in attendance. I think it’s safe to say that this year’s awards looks to be shaping up to be the best yet and we can’t wait to see you all there tomorrow if you are attending!

Sato CL4NX Label Printer


The CL4NX is SATO’s first universal label printer engineered for the ultimate operator experience, and is skilfully crafted to support new and legacy printing applications across a wide range of applications.

The robust design and manufacture of the CL4NX ensures high quality printing capabilities coupled with unrivalled reliability that cannot be matched by any other printer on the market today. The incredibly versatile CL4NX represents the next generation of thermal transfer and direct thermal printers that are designed to perform in the most demanding of industries. For more details regarding Sato label printers you can contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:


Printed Labels for Llaethdy Llyn’s Semi Skimmed Milk


Llaethdy Llyn milk is produced in North Wales by Sion Jones and his wife Nia, from Madryn Isa in Boduan. The family run business takes great pride in their dairy herd which they have bred and nurtured over many years. These labels were printed for the Semi Skimmed Milk produced on the farm, just one of a range which includes Skimmed, Double Cream to name but a few.

Each product is easily identifiable by its label colour making it easy for customer to find their preferred choice of milk in stores. Combining this with modern design helps the products packaging stand out from its competitors in a very competitive market. For more details on printed labels contact Etiquette on01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Tamper Evident Labels can Reduce and Discourage Tampering and Theft


Many food products have the potential to be “grazed” at point-of-sale, so tamper evident seals are incorporated into the packaging design. Tamper evident materials are used to provide a clear indication that a label, seal, or re-closure has been removed. In some cases, depending on the substrate, a standard paper or file with a permanent adhesive may meet your tamper evident requirements. In more demanding applications, special tamper evident materials are available. Ultra destructable vinyl film, is a matt white film which fractures easily when removal is attempted. There are 4 main types of Tamper Evident Labels and Stickers that we offer at Etiquette:

Void if Removed Labels:

Void labels leave the word ‘void’ behind when peeled off and in some case will reveal the word ‘void’ on the surface of the product or products packaging, and cannot be re-stuck.

Ultra Destructible Security Labels:

Security labels are made from a highly destructible material that is almost impossible to remove once it has been stuck down. Should someone attempt to remove the label by picking at the corners, the actual material will break up into tiny little pieces.

Security Labels:

These special security labels will ‘de-laminate’ if removed from the product’s surface. The label material effectively splits in two leaving a layer of label on the product whilst the top half containing the printed image is destroyed.

Holographic Labels:

Holographic tamper evident labels are unsurpassed as label security tools. This specialist construction is created by transferring an extremely thin layer containing the holographic label security image onto a frangible security paper. This construction is based with a permanent adhesive that “sets” quickly to the surface when the hologram is applied. Once set, the label is destroyed if removal is attempted.

For more details on Tamper Evident Labels and Stickers contact Etiquette on01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:


Homebake Labels for UK Bakeware Manufacturer Utensa


We are proud to be the label manufacturer of choice for Utensa who have a reputation for producing outstanding bakeware. Utensa are a longstanding Etiquette customer, who we have printed numerous designs for over the years, including their prestigious Wonderbake range. These labels were produced for the Homebake range which includes 3 different designs for various products. The labels have been produced using UV inks including and also feature an over-printable spot varnish for variable information to be over printed on a designated area on the label. For more details on printed labels contact Etiquette on01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:


VP700 Colour Label Printer from Etiquette


The VP700 allows customers to print high quality colour labels on-demand. This robust machine is capable of printing full colour labels at speeds of up to 12 inches per second and has been designed and manufactured to produce the highest quality labels. This unique on-demand label printing solution can provide your business with the ability to produce exact batch quantities and real time up-to-the-minute guidance for the ultimate control and flexibility.

The VP700 uses six 250ml ink cartridges which keeps ink and printing costs lower than any other printer in its class. The printer also comes with an internal roll holder which allows for large rolls of material to be kept enclosed within the printer to avoid contamination, in addition to a simple-to-use LCD control panel allows for easy access to the multiple printer functions. For more details on the VP700 label printer from Etiquette you can contact us on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

GHS and Chemical Labelling Solutions from Etiquette


The Globally Harmonised System (GHS) is a single worldwide system for classifying and communicating the hazardous properties of industrial and consumer chemicals.

GHS and chemical labelling is becoming increasingly important in today’s production and manufacturing processes. With chemicals being shipped all over the world it is imperative a universal system is widely available for identification to inform users about potential hazards through standard symbols, becoming instantly recognisable to ensure worldwide understanding.

At Etiquette we have extensive experience in working with manufacturers in many different industry sectors meaning we can help with the supplying and implementation of GHS labels in your production processes. We understand the importance of providing labels that can survive in harsh environments and withstand chemicals and other potential contaminants. We can offer a variety of solutions such as ribbons, printers and special label materials to help your company adhere to the GHS guidelines.  For more information on GHS and Chemical Labelling contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Printed Labels for The Natural Kitchen London


Natural Kitchen started life on Marylebone High Street in 2009. Since that time we have grown slowly proving a hit with Londoners, City workers, locals & visitors to the capital looking for healthy, freshly prepared food & drink in a relaxed & friendly environment.

These labels have been produced for the Flagship Marylebone Restaurant and were printed using UV inks on one our flexographic printing presses. For more details on printed labels contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Clear Printed Labels


If you desire the coveted no-label look for your products, clear labels are the solution. Clear labels are widely used in the cosmetics industry as using a transparent substrate can increase your product on-shelf appeal whilst adding a touch of class and elegance to the packaging’s design.

As the UK Experts in Labels and Labelling we can satisfy the most complex of requirements using our decades of experience in converting and printing premium quality self-adhesive labels. Our modern production facility is equipped with the most sophisticated label printing and converting machinery currently available. For more details on clear labels contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Printed Food Labels for Kent Hospitality


Fresh off the presses are these bright over-printable labels for Kent Hospitality. The labels are part of the “Hand Made in our Kitchen” range and have been designed to accommodate additional information to be over printed on-demand by Kent Hospitality. This makes the labels incredibly versatile as they can be used across multiple products allowing for ultimate flexibility with in the workplace.

As complete solutions providers Etiquette can tailor labelling solutions around your requirements, to ensure you get the very best solution for your production processes. For more details on our printed labels contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:


The UK Experts in Food Labelling


Etiquette has been at the forefront of self-adhesive label production for over 25 years, using the latest print technology to manufacture labels of the highest quality on the market. As the UK Experts in Labels and Labelling we are constantly producing food labels for a wide variety of customers from well-known high street brands, to new start-up businesses.

Our labels are designed to promote your products and showcase your brand to its full potential. With our experience we know when you’re selling food products it’s important to work with a label supplier who has the industry know how and expertise in house to create a bespoke solution tailored for your products. We can give advice and guidance on displaying nutritional information, allergen warnings, or point of sale price promotions, the choices of labels available to you are enormous. Whether you need food labels for pre-packaged products for a supermarket, or fresh produce for catered venues, our customer service team can guide you through the many options available to you.

New Label Design for Belton Farm


We are excited to announce these new labels for Belton Farm Ltd. A long-standing customer of Etiquette, Belton Farm are one of the UK’s most prestigious cheesemakers and produce an award-winning range of classic and contemporary Great British Cheese. From traditional regional varieties to modern blends, all cheeses have been handcrafted on the farm since 1922, using unique recipes that have been developed over many years by a highly-skilled team. This grounding in heritage and rural tradition, combined with the ambition and capability to innovate means Belton Farm holds a firm place at the forefront of the UK cheesemaking industry.

As part of this passionate drive towards innovation, Belton Farm, assisted by the marketing team at Etiquette, has undertaken an update to their branding and livery and a complete redesign of the printed labels for their full range of products.

Etiquette offers a full design service for customer labelling requirements and worked closely with Belton Farm during the initial concept stages of the rebrand and label design to ensure the maximum on-shelf appeal for their product lines and achieve real stand-out from competitors. Utilising established branding elements such as the iconic Belton Farm tree, mixed with modern typography and eye-catching colouring, the new livery is at once artisanal, regal and traditional, whilst being contemporary, stylish and bold – all things that symbolise the very essence and ethos of Belton Farm.

With the designs finalised it was time for the team at Etiquette to produce the printed labels that would grace Belton Farm cheeses in supermarkets around the UK. Using our Mark Andy P4 Performance Series press, the latest in cutting-edge flexographic technology, our skilled printers set to work and brought the stunning designs to life. As is evident, the results are truly remarkable, with specialist UV inks delivering deep blacks, resplendent golds, and clear, crisp text that without a doubt draws the attention of any potential customers and consumers and further enhances the reputation of Belton Farm as a premium manufacturer of the finest cheeses available.

Etiquette is very proud of the work we do with the fantastic team at Belton Farm and look forward to being a part of their exciting future and continuing to provide quality labels for their quality cheeses.

Look out for the range of Belton Farm products at supermarkets across the country and visit for news about upcoming product launches and more information about their classic and contemporary range of Great British Cheese.

25 Years of Complete Labelling Solutions

Since our establishment in 1991 Etiquette has been supplying some of the biggest brands with labelling solutions. As complete solutions providers we are able to help, guide and support our customers using our unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise.

With an extensive and diverse portfolio of products that includes Printed Primary Labels, Plain Labels, Printers and Consumables, Label Design Software, Industrial Label Applicators and Print-Apply machinery to name a few, Etiquette is able to satisfy any labelling requirement.

Great Ness Oil Printed Labels with Gold Foil


Once again we have had the pleasure of producing labels for Great Ness Oil, who have been a longstanding customer of Etiquette. The classic minimalist look of black and white is offset with gold foil to give the label extra on-shelf whilst portraying the high quality and elegance of the product. Rapeseed Oil is used as an alternative in cooking to Olive Oil because of its low saturated fats contents and high Omega 3 values.

Great Ness is widely used by celebrity chefs such as David Myers and Simon King better known as The Hairy Bikers and Paul Hollywood who is best known as a judge on the BBC’s Great British Bake Off. For more details on our printed labels contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:


The Old Library Printed Labels


Fresh off the printing presses are these bold yet simplistic labels for The Old Library in Kirkwall Orkney. Situated in Kirkwall’s old Carnegie Library the building will house The Sound Archive, Grooves Records & Goods, Archive Coffee and The Exhibition Room and Shop.

The labels were printed using the latest UV inks and feature the Old Library logo and address. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 01978 664544 or email us at

Jaime’s Kitchen Sandwich Labels


Rolling off the printing presses at the moment are these sandwich labels for Jaime’s Kitchen, who are based on the Isle of Man. The labels have been made with a direct thermal material so over printable information that is to be printed on-demand by the end user doesn’t require a thermal ribbon. The labels also feature the company’s logo and the strap line of “Thanks for choosing Manx.” For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 01978 664544 or email us at

AircoLube Digitally Printed Labels


Our digital department have been hard at work producing labels for AircoLube, who produce oils and other lubricants for car Air Conditioning.

A number of different labels have been produced for numerous oils synthetic ranging from 46 ISO to 100 ISO. The labels have been produced to survive in harsh environments as they could be exposed and come into contact with chemicals or other potentially harmful materials such as brake fluid, engine oil, water and grease. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 01978 664544 or email us at