New Label Design for Belton Farm


We are excited to announce these new labels for Belton Farm Ltd. A long-standing customer of Etiquette, Belton Farm are one of the UK’s most prestigious cheesemakers and produce an award-winning range of classic and contemporary Great British Cheese. From traditional regional varieties to modern blends, all cheeses have been handcrafted on the farm since 1922, using unique recipes that have been developed over many years by a highly-skilled team. This grounding in heritage and rural tradition, combined with the ambition and capability to innovate means Belton Farm holds a firm place at the forefront of the UK cheesemaking industry.

As part of this passionate drive towards innovation, Belton Farm, assisted by the marketing team at Etiquette, has undertaken an update to their branding and livery and a complete redesign of the printed labels for their full range of products.

Etiquette offers a full design service for customer labelling requirements and worked closely with Belton Farm during the initial concept stages of the rebrand and label design to ensure the maximum on-shelf appeal for their product lines and achieve real stand-out from competitors. Utilising established branding elements such as the iconic Belton Farm tree, mixed with modern typography and eye-catching colouring, the new livery is at once artisanal, regal and traditional, whilst being contemporary, stylish and bold – all things that symbolise the very essence and ethos of Belton Farm.

With the designs finalised it was time for the team at Etiquette to produce the printed labels that would grace Belton Farm cheeses in supermarkets around the UK. Using our Mark Andy P4 Performance Series press, the latest in cutting-edge flexographic technology, our skilled printers set to work and brought the stunning designs to life. As is evident, the results are truly remarkable, with specialist UV inks delivering deep blacks, resplendent golds, and clear, crisp text that without a doubt draws the attention of any potential customers and consumers and further enhances the reputation of Belton Farm as a premium manufacturer of the finest cheeses available.

Etiquette is very proud of the work we do with the fantastic team at Belton Farm and look forward to being a part of their exciting future and continuing to provide quality labels for their quality cheeses.

Look out for the range of Belton Farm products at supermarkets across the country and visit for news about upcoming product launches and more information about their classic and contemporary range of Great British Cheese.

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