Februdairy has arrived!

Februdairy campaign has been born two years ago to support the dairy industry and promote dairy products on social media.

It has been also a way to fight back against the attacks: “There’s been a lot of bad press around the dairy and meat industry,” says Abi, a supporter of the Februdairy campaign who works for an agricultural supplier in Sussex. “People tend to read things online and generalise farmers into the idea that they all run farms in an intensive factory way.” For her, the movement is needed to “make people see that there is so much propaganda.”

It seems that the trending hashtag has now been hijacked and used mainly by animal activists as a way to discourage people from using dairy products by including “shocking” facts and videos. Some of them emphasise cruelty and inhumane conditions, some undermine the nutritional value that dairy products provide.

Farming community responds with myth debunking articles. “Some myths relating to dairy production are difficult to refute because they contain a grain of truth, others because they are so ridiculous it’s difficult to take them seriously,” says Jude Capper, livestock sustainability consultant.

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