There are manual label rewinders that use their electrical power to attract strips from the printed labels. The idea is that very large impressions don’t suffer further damage.

Other label rewinders that operate with electrical power work at the same speed that has relation with the quality of the paper where the labels are printed. In this case the labels do not suffer any damage because of regulated changes in the printing speed.

In the case of digital label rewinders, there is a problem that is common in big companies that produce barcode labels. However, this problem is possible to solve and even with great results.

We need a rapid and uniform production of labels. Companies often rush their printing processes and the collecting of labels is a job that is sometimes forgotten, thus affecting their business processes in a negative way.

It must exist between printers and label rewinders a perfectly synchronized work. The printing process and the collecting of labels must form a single collaborative task.

If printers are printing at common or normal speed but label rewinders are spinning at a greater speed greater than the one of the printing, it could break the strip and everything that is not collected in the rewinder may fall to the ground and in the worst case get dirty, making these labels useless. The consequence of all this will be that we will loose money and time. Therefore it is very important that employees graduate adequately the printing levels and rewinding levels with the aim to eliminate any problems that could be presented and finish a final quality job without further delays. So if we join the tasks of printers and rewinders, finally we are going to have quality products that succeed in meeting the requirements of our clients.

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