Exporting is now one of the most suitable ways to do business and get an important profit. To make this business profitable, we need to be well organized and have the necessary logistics to carry out all our business operations.

An important task in the organization of any export business is to use plain labels. These serve to print the barcodes to help us manage our shipment data quickly and reliably.

Our shipments are normally composed of large boxes that go to other countries in container ships. It’s very important that the glue of plain labels is as tough as possible.

The manufacturing of these plain labels needs to be done in such a way to guarantee the highest quality to prevent any breaks or due to frictions that can be presented at the time they are transported between seller and buyer.

Another alternative to protect the plain labels before shipping the merchandise is to put plastic over it or maybe any other material that could protect them from moisture and dust which are often harmful to the labels.

There are cases where glue on the plain labels is not enough and because of this labels fall and lose the records of the materials that are being sent. The problem is not only for those who receive the shipment but also for the seller who was not aware of that part of the order that came out when the product leave the country of manufacture or production. At first glance this could be a detail without much importance, but if we take into account the arguments expressed in this article, we should give special attention to this point to guarantee there is no disorder in our company when dealing with exports and international commerce. Information is critical to succeed.

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