I always ask myself why producers of label rewinders have made their products in a standard size as if the labels were always the same size or as if label manufacturers would never want to make a change in their production processes.

Normally label rewinders receive the production of a printer, the labels, all produced with the same thickness. For example, if the printer is printing a thousand labels for clothes, the thickness of the label number one hundred and forty two will be equal to the thickness of the tag number four hundred and seventy-three.

But if printer A one day needs to print labels with a greater thickness because now it is not the business of trousers but instead another type of business, then we could face a problem. To accomplish that goal the company could have problems changing their label rewinders. Change all our label rewinders by another group would be difficult, and I think a company can’t afford to change all these tools at once.

But if label rewinders could graduate thickness of the material that comes from printers and toward his bar to form the large roll, it will be the product that finally could save us a lot of problems and we would be able to respond to any request that we conduct with our customers.

This change in rewinders should not be very difficult for the manufacturers of these machines because they only have to add to the bar where labels are received, a base that can expand or shrink depending on the thickness of the labels that are required to collect.

This change would produce a great economic benefit for companies that need to acquire such material because they wouldn’t be forced to have rewinders of different sizes, but several of the same size but with an option to adjust the thickness of rolls according to the customization requirements of the users.

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