All products have plain labels where bar codes are printed. When we buy any of these products and we want to remove this label it normally breaks up and we are only able to remove a piece of this and the other pieces stay in the product that we purchased.

Typically, over time, the label of the product will disappear but while this happens the footprint of glue will remain in the product causing some minor inconveniences.
I guess we all have gone through this more than once. We try to remove the tag but we rarely succeed in doing it without leaving a trace of our failed attempt.

Most plain labels are made using special glue that doesn’t allow an easy withdrawal, possibly by an issue of safety. But producers of plain labels perhaps haven’t thought how to make labels easy to remove. If they do then maybe customers would be more satisfied if after purchasing the product and remove the label, no remnants of it is left behind. This could be an interesting new labeling system.

Another alternative which I think is interesting is to create plain labels with a small hole through which can be created some kind of bond from the label with the product, especially in the case of clothes. Once purchased the garment, the label could be easily removed by cutting the ribbon with any scissors, forgetting the terrible experience to see pieces of new labels on our clothes.

These two forms to manufacture plain labels would be attractive for those who need this service because their buyers would be satisfied with the novelty of being able to remove the tags without much problem. We could see a potentially good impact in our sales just because of using new labels. This could create a simple competitive advantage with other companies.

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