Plain labels
serve to print barcodes on them. These barcodes are present in the majority of products that are offered in the market. They are used to keep digitally track prices of the items on sale. Also, when the customer is in front of the cashier, it should be easy to place them on the register machine, this way the sales process is much faster and efficient.

Opinions regarding the size of the plain labels fail to reach a consensus. If we use clothes, for example t-shirts, whose plain labels are inside of the neck, if they are large, it may prove futile and even uncomfortable for the user. In this case if plain labels are large, it would be more damaging to those who acquire clothing with such labels.

When we buy products at the supermarket to be used in our homes the size of the labels on the products normally are not of great importance for us. However, if the cashier would have to type the codes manually, then the size of the labels suddenly becomes important and we should take care of using an adequate size in our stores. With small labels, definitely the cashier will have a big problem when trying to locate without making mistakes the numbers of the codes.

In these two examples, we have been able to appreciate the usefulness of a large label and also a small label. Big labels can be uncomfortable but at the same time useful in some occasions, the idea is to find a balance in the size of the labels we are going to use. No extreme is good.

We should investigate when a label must be large and when it is better for the label to be smaller in order to avoid any inconvenience to all those buyers who at some point may acquire products whose plain labels have been printed with barcodes.


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