Whenever we go to buy from any store or supermarket, to know the price of the product we use a scanner to read the barcodes generated by the barcode printers. Maybe one question could come to our minds, why barcode printers make black and vertical codes. Why don’t create barcode printers that print colour or at least non-vertical barcodes?

It's pretty boring to see barcodes always of the same colour and in the same fashion. Perhaps it would be more beneficial to producers of barcode printers to innovate in this way and to create some kind of attention in the customer. If this is the case all those entrepreneurs could buy their printers to use them in their companies.

At the same time, this new model of
barcode printers could make buyers of products labelled with this new models fall into the temptation to approach a product with a somewhat different look when compared with items they used to buy.

The first impression will be of surprise, which could help us to achieve our main objective, which could make the customer to look closer to our product to know more about it and who knows, perhaps to buy it.

The successes will not only be economic. We would have created a new image, a new concept, which could anyway generate in our consumers a climate of opinion and this will put more people to visit our shops to learn more about our new coloured barcodes, perhaps generating even more new options.

The benefits of innovation have no limits. The first is just a new product or image, the second could be the curiosity it generates in customers, and the third could be because consumers are always looking for new things attractive to them.

This value can be given in any field of business and always generate profits for our company, which is what every entrepreneur is looking for, the economic triumph.

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