Today many blood banks use barcode labels on the blood bags to correctly identify the type of blood they are holding. This is an aspect that must be treated with utmost care to avoid any mistakes. It is proved that humans make much more mistakes than machines, so this is an issue where machines can help to correctly identify the type of blood needed in human operations. Barcode scanners read the labels in the blood banks and this information is perfectly interpreted by a computer system. This way hospital centres avoid mistakes made by personnel. We must take into account that stress and fatigue are common causes for errors. People lose concentration and are more likely to make mistakes. This is why hospitals and clinics prefer to use barcode scanners to correctly identify blood types.

Hospitals have many other applications apart from blood banks where they use barcode scanners, but the primary target is for identifying stuff. They need to correctly identify medicines and drugs in order to administer the patients with the medicines they need. Confusion could cost the life of patients. This is why scrupulous logistic procedures for dealing with medicines are established in hospitals and clinics and many of them have barcode scanners as catalysts to achieve the goals of such procedures, which at the end of the day is the correct identification of medicines.

In hospitals, medicines could be stored for very long times, so they need to use very durable labels in order to avoid the barcodes to fade. Barcode scanners are also programmed to deal with labels and special secure protocols are used in order to avoid false lectures of information. Some times codes are not well printed on the labels thus causing the scanner to misinterpret the information. To avoid these problems hospitals take special care in the labels investing more money to produce more durable labels to drugs.


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