Label rewinders are manual or electrical appliances that enable us to capture the production of machines that print barcodes in companies that specialize in this type of business.

When we talk about production of printers we mean big strip tags that are emitted second after second and are received by a special mechanism that captures them and allows easy storage of barcode labels in a friendly manner. That’s the main function of label rewinders.

Manual label rewinders must be used by people in order for the rewinders to work appropriately. Unfortunately, strength used by people is not always constant and this can cause severe damage to these machines, thus reducing their effectiveness and increasing their maintenance costs.

In the case of electrical label rewinders, use is more complex but also more sophisticated. Every piece of hardware has a plug that connects to a power outlet to make it work and it does not require a person behind to make it function. The revolving bar completes its function automatically in line with the printing tasks, working at the same time and increasing efficiencies. Also, electrical rewinders have sensors to detect how much strength to apply to avoid damage to the rolls.

There are also digital label rewinders whose price tag is higher than any of the above, they work with electrical power and their functions and parts are similar to the manual and electric rewinders but they have a specific feature that gives them the name of digital. They have a board where we can schedule the speed of rotation of the bar to work faster or slower according to our requirements and according to our printers.

Whatever the case, these tools are used in their three varieties to collect labels with barcodes and keep them in order to make an easy distribution after the printing process.

We could even increase the number of machinery and our orders would be done faster. We could be able to attend new customers and get more orders from old clients, especially because the barcode labels sector is a business that is always needed to support other industries.

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