If the core business of the company you work for is the printing industry, then we would recommend you to invest in label printers. In fact, we would recommend you to invest in the best label printers, with the best technology you can find to serve your customers. If not, first of all you should evaluate if your company really needs to buy label printers. You can find the answer to this question by making a comparison between the cost of doing the printing job yourself buying the equipments versus making an outsource of the job to an specialized company.

In the first model, you should also consider the cost of maintaining the label printers. And maybe the cost of renewing equipments once their lifetime expires. In the second scenario, the only cost is the monthly fee charged by the outsourcing company, which could consist on a fixed maintenance rate and a variable rate based on the volume printed. The final decision will depend on many factors, and it is not always a predictable result. However, if the numbers are close and the difference is not an important factor, we would recommend you to go for the outsourcing model, considering of course that your core business is outside the printing industry.

Specialized printing companies can do a better job than companies whose core business is another. They buy the best label printers they can and they run with the maintenance costs and renewal costs to maintain their hardware up to date, because as every other piece of hardware, label printers also suffer from technology advancements. A model that is top of the line today, may be simply too old the next year, or even in a few months. Newer models normally are more efficient and contribute to a dramatic reduction of operating costs.


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