The first label rewinders had the same uses and functions of most modern rewinders, but their operation was more difficult to perform and they sometimes caused the production to become slower.

To first use label rewinders you need a person to turn the roll, capturing impressions while at the same time the printer expels the long strips of barcodes. If this person is skilful, a speedy operation would have no problems with any of the label rewinders available to your company and label production would be uniform and not slow.

If the person in charge of collecting the labels is not fast there could be a risk, the strips would be printed and could fell down to the floor until the person succeeds in moving quickly to catch the rolls as they are printed. Turning rolls of label rewinders is a simple task but it requires a lot of attention to avoid any damage to the printings.

Time passes by and label rewinders of these days don’t require a person behind them to manipulate them. Their use has ceased to be manual and has become electrical. This represents an extraordinary improvement in the collection of tags when compared to the procedure used several decades ago.


The system for collecting printed labels with their barcodes is now done automatically, just by simply inserting a plug into the electric outlet strip and putting the first printing in the rewinder to synchronize it with the printer. This will ensure both equipments to work at unison until all the labels are printed. Then we just need to assemble the roll when the work is completed and put another into the printer and re-start the process again until finishing all the labels we need. This is an example of how technology evolves for the progress of mankind.


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