It comes to my mind that a system of barcode printers could help us to detect if there are robberies within our facilities. Maybe you will ask how this could be done.

The answer is easy. Simply by creating a system that is compatible between
barcode printers and barcode scanners. The system will consist on printing a barcode that is also a security key to be read by the scanner and consequently used by the client while he is in our facilities. Before the client leaves, we will need to disable this product so he can leave the store without any problems.

For example, the keys created by barcode printers which don’t pass through the scanner will be products that have not been paid by customers. So when they try to pass through the exit doors of our factory an alarm will sound to warn the security staff that a client has not paid for a product.

In the case of clothing stores, barcodes will be used instead of those plastic keys that stores put to the items, which not only have a cost, but also damage the product we are buying.

Therefore, the traders would do well to create a system of barcode printers
that is compatible with the scanner in terms of security, as already explained above.

The savings would be not only relative to those plastic keys, but also in the time it takes to remove this security system to the products and the damage they may have caused to clothes.

From any point of view the use of
barcode printers is beneficial because we will have a place with better security and customers may realize they are inside an establishment where this issue is important. The idea is to show them we provide the special care they require for their products and also for their safety.

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