Commerce has increased a lot in the last two decades supported by powerful technologies like the internet and the barcodes. The internet has made possible to establish instantaneous communication with other countries for cheap prices. Emails are now an easy and cheap way to communicate with business partners around the world. But the internet is not the only technology that has helped commerce transactions. Barcode scanners are also used by most shipment companies to process packages faster and without mistakes.

Many countries are signing free trade agreements to help improve their exports and imports in a free market economy. The formation of the European Union has also made possible to treat all those countries as one large conglomerate. They are a powerful group right now with the same currency and same long term objectives. The point is that all these world changes cause an increase in commercial transactions among countries and this is only possible with the help of technologies like the internet and barcode scanners. It would be hard to imagine a shipment company to operate without barcode scanners today.

They would be so slow in processing the amazing amount of packages traded every single day that they would simply be kicked out of the market almost immediately. Barcode scanners play a fundamental role in the shipment industry due to their ability to scan tons of information with perfect accuracy and amazing speed. Commerce has reached new levels of expansion helped by all these technologies, and it would go even farther when newer technologies hit the market, causing transactions among countries to increase in quantity and speed. We are probably going to witness a new generation of barcode scanners that will break the schemes know today and will boost commerce to unprecedented levels in the history of humanity.

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