Governments of the world are giving a lot of importance to the issue of environment. Big and small companies are pretty much concerned with this phenomenon of great global significance.

Caring for our environment, our health care, and caring about decisions taken in enterprises is of great importance because from the outcomes of such decisions will depend the success or failure of our projects.

Carrying equipment, supplies or goods from one country to another is not difficult to carry out especially in times of globalization.

The exporting of food requires high standards of quality and one of them has to do with the plain labels where the barcodes are going to be printed. Such barcodes will help us to control our sales.

The plain labels are present in most products that are offered in supermarkets, most often found in packaged products.

To export natural products like asparagus, avocado and mango, there is a need to comply with international standards by using biodegradable plain labels, which in the first place don’t affect the environment and secondly don’t affect the quality of the exported product.

Few companies manufacture plain labels with this regulation, and even fewer are the number of companies that print barcodes with natural dyes. If they do that the products will be better appreciated by buyers and importers.

This is a good opportunity to open a business on the subject of biodegradable plain labels because over time the companies that require this material will grow and demand will be increased.

You just need to take the example of any exporting country of natural products and take the figures of their shipments abroad, counting the number of products sent on containers on ships or by air, to draw approximately how many labels are required. Then you need to see how many companies provide this service and compete against them for market share. With a quality product and low cost you could easily start a profitable company that could eventually become a market leader.

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